Dynamic Wallpapers for Zorin 16

Since we have the possibility to use dynamic wallpapers, I was wondering who else has created some for his/her Zorin installation.

I followed a tutorial to create the Mac Mojave desert background from a series of 16 images and am trying to do the same for other image packs found on this site. Here you can download the *.heic files and open them with GIMP to extract the single pictures. I'd love to find a solution to automate that process at some point.

Anyway, please feel free to share your creations/adaptations. Mine can be downloaded here. It contains a README file to guide you through the 3 steps to make it work on your system.


If you want live wallpaper I wrote a guide about it: [HowTO] Live Wallpaper on Zorin 16

Here's how Zorin OS can look like:


Thanks! Those are gorgeous! I should have clarified that I was talking about wallpapers that adjust to the time of day by being lighter or darker. So they are dynamic but over a course of 24 hours :smiley:

Like the default Zorin 16 background image with the mountain.

And I thought this might be a nice place to share all the images, so we have a little library without having to create them all by ourselves.

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Dynamic wallpaper is nice.
Does it take some extra RAM or slower the system ?


A few bytes of a script that runs more in the background, most of which should account for the size of the wallpaper.

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