Email notifications?

Is there a way to get email notifications in zorin os if I use gmail?

I think you mean this but not sure: Apparent glitch re forum notifications
I believe your email should be the one you signed up with but I don’t know if that can be changed.

@carmar no I mean get gmail notifications in the OS not the forum.

You can setup gmail to show notification in the web client?
Go into gmail via your browser of choice and press the cog, top right corner.
In the General settings, half way down, there’s the Desktop Notifications settings and you can press “Click here to enable desktop notifications for Gmail.”.

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Wait is there no way to get notifications on the desktop?
I just check gnome gitlab and I had unread notifications that didn’t popup on my desktop after enabling gmail notifications.

Do I need to tell firefox to pass them to my desktop?

Even when I mark forums and other communities to show notifications they don’t display on my desktop.

You’ve not got “Do not disturb” switched on do you?

idk I don’t think so. is there a way to check?