Empty folder without an installer

I tried for Zorin Os Core 16.2
to install via an ISO
The installation works
to the desktop
But once I click on the install folder
it turns out to be empty,
I think there is a mistake in that download folder
An empty folder without an installer?

First thing I would point you to is this: Before you install

Assuming you created a bootable USB stick with a verified (SHA256 checksum matches published value) .iso, Were you able to use the Live USB in "Try Zorin" mode at all?

EDIT: I have now seem a similar post from you (Burning on a DVD-ROM is not possible ) which talks about using a DVD for installation. Was that what you were doing here i.e. not using a USB stick?
If so, please do not post multiple times with the same subject, as that gets us all a bit confused when trying to understand and help you.
Keep using this thread. Thanks zab.


I fully understand it
I'm going to purchase a USB stick later
and will then put the Zorin 16.2 on a stick
And yes it had burned on a DVD-ROM
I thought there was a mistake about it
To that download link
Because other versions
Such as Ubuntu and Linux
work via a DVD-ROM

@faroud Which edition of ZorinOS 16.2 are you attempting to install using a DVD e.g. Pro, Core, Lite etc?
Can you edit your forum profile to indicate that. It will remove the need to ask the question again in the future.

Note, some editions of ZorinOS are too big for a DVD.
Make sure you get a USB stick large enough. I would also suggest you avoid Balena Etcher to burn your USB and use Rufus or Unetbootin in preference. Balena has poor reputation of wrecking USB sticks, according to posts on the forum.

Also is your computer 64bit or an older 32bit machine. If you are trying to install a 64bit OS on a 32bit machine it will fail. See this Cannot boot from DVD - #6 by jgordon

I have now put the download on a stick
and it installed perfectly
so my reported issue has been resolved
thanks for the info

nb: My profile correctly updated
Work with Zorin Os Core 16.2 x64 bit

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