Epiphany 44.1

The new version of Epiphany (44.1) is really nice and it's very fast as well. I'm going to replace Firefox with this one :slight_smile:


Interesting. I've used it before and there were websites that just didn't work with it. I like the idea of using it so I'll check it out again Thanks for the notice. If I'm not mistaken, its not based on Firefox or Chrome.

It uses WebKit engine :slight_smile:

This is MUCH improved! Its really responsive. What did they do?

Dunno, magic dust maybe :stuck_out_tongue:
They ported it to libAdwaita.

Ok, I'm getting a bit of "hang", in video playback on the Odysee.com website. I will keep testing though. Also a bit of a delay on youtube video startups. Its odd though. On the fist videos I tried from each website, it just came up and played flawlessly. The second set of videos I opened, gave me the oddities. May be a question of the videos themselves.

There's still some quarks here and there, but overall it has improved a lot.

Oh definitely. I usually use a combo of Firefox and Librewolf but, I can see myself rocking the ole Epithany / GNOME web for a regular browser. :smiley:

I just noticed that my RAM usage was pegged into the 90% range. When I looked at the processes, WebKitWebProcess
was responsible for the bulk of it. Using 6GB RAM at this time. Everything is still playing well though. How is your RAM usage looking Storm?

It says 1.3% of my 32GB, but I also just opened my webbrowser and only running one tab.

Here's a screenshot of where I am currently. When I close the browser, RAM usage drops to normal. Seems as I go through different websites, more RAM gets used.

Was just thinking of doing that. Will do.

Seems I need to sign up for GitLabs. Darn it. I'm not much of a "joiner"

@Storm Is it a flatpak version ?

No I'm using the rpm version which is in the repo of Fedora. But I think it's available as flatpak.

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I've heard great things about Epiphany since the update to GNOME 44. Last time I used it there were a few issues to work on, but the overall experience was decent. I wrote a couple of posts about my experience a while back I might take the time to use Epiphany again for a couple of weeks and see how things have improved.

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I was "skimming" over the update in Zorin today and saw the name, webkit, among the texts scrolling by. This made me think of Epithany so I started it up. When I used it last, I got to 8 tabs before my 6gb of ram and the 2gb swap filled up. This may be coincidence but I'm currently at 12 tabs using 5.5gb of ram and 1.2gb swap. Two of the tabs have video playing and 1 of them has the fishes from the Webglsamples.org site, swimming around. Epithany looking good. :slight_smile:

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