Error states no internet connection

Hi Guys, please bear with me as I am an Oldy of 76 , but certainly want to try out a few Linux Distros including Zorin. I really want to move away from Windows if I can do so. I am using a i3 processor, 64 bit, an Nvidia 1030 Graphics card, 16 gig of ram and windows 10. Ok, I hope I have given you some information that you will require. I downloaded , Zorin OS, Linux Mint and Unbuntu. Unbuntu was the only distro which went on with no problem. The other two Zorin and Linux Mint, just will not connect to the wired Internet. If you can help me, please put it in Laymans terms so I can understand it, as I am a Newbie where Linux is concerned. I bet I have left something out. Thank you so much in advance.

Welcome, Luckyjfl
Have you already fully installed Zorin OS to the machine?

Go to “Settings” > “Network” and see if you can switch it on manually.


Can you open a terminal in ZorinOS (Ctrl+ Alt+ T) and enter the following command:

sudo lshw -C network

and post back the results? :wink:

This guy is the best computer geek for explaining the install in detail.
Explaining Computers:
(about 15 minutes long)