Wired connection

I can't connect to the internet. I can not see the wired connection at all.
How can I fix it please?

I am a little bit disappointed. I thought, after buying the OS it should work nice, with all simple features including out of the box...

sudo lshw -C network

Output is:
*-network UNCLAIMED
description: Ethernet controller
product: Intel Corporation
vendor: Intel Corporation
physical: 1f.6
bus info: pci@0000:00:1f.6
version: 11
width: 32 bit
clock: 33mhz
capabilities: pm MSI cap_list
configuration: latency=0
resources: memory:a1200000-121ffff

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Hello and welcome to the forum.

It sounds like you have purchased Zorin 15,3 Ultimate.
Ultimate version includes the installation support by Zorin developer but if it can be solved by us (volunteers) we gladly offer you a help.

To help you better, please give us a detail of your system.

  1. Dual-boot with Windows or Zorin only installation?
  2. Make/model of your machine (desktop or laptop)?
  3. Open terminal (ctrl + alt + T) and issue the command
    and copy/paste the result in your posting.

Also, terminal output of

inxi -Fx

may be helpful.

(If needed, inxi can be installed with sudo apt install inxi if wireless is working)

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  1. Is dual boot with windows
  2. Desktop, Intel i7
  3. Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation Device 15fa (rev 11)

I am typing from the phone, I don't have internet access so...

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I can't install it without the internet...

Catch 22 situation...
I am looking into your Ethernet adopter.
Is your WiFi also not working?

I do not have wifi adapter..

You can use your Bootable Zorin Media as a source for many terminal installations. Insert the drive (instead of booting from it).
You may need to check Software & Updates > Other tab > cdrom: Zorin-OS.... Ensure the box is Ticked On.

Seems like you are not the only one having this issue.
If you have another computer with internet access you can download the Linux driver from Intel.

Ok. And how to install it?

It is on, and I still can not install anything...

It is a tar ball.
You have to run make file to compile it first.

But I found a ready-made deb file of this driver here:

You can download it and simply double click to install it.

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Thank you very much. I really appreciate it. I will try right now

You may need to run in terminal

sudo apt update

First for it to see the change.
That said, the Zorin Disk can act as a source for installations, but only by what it contains on it. This is not as goofy as it sounds; as it can contain quite a lot that may not be installed on your system (Much is in place on the disk in case a wide variety of machines need that component) or to fix a file that corrupted during installation.

That said, FrenchPresses tips look the better way to go right now. :smiley:

I did not know such use for the installation disk.
I take it for granted that I always have an internet connection and never occurred to me to use installer as a source.

Yes, as soon as he said he had no connection at all on that machine, I was a bit apprehensive. Usually some facet works, or there is a wireless adapter they can plug in. No net at all really increases the troubleshooting and repair difficulty. Trying to switch back and forth from one machine to another using a USB stick... referencing things on a phone...
I really hope the driver you found does the trick on the first try.

edit: maybe phone hotspot...?

That is why I strongly recommend people to have an [inexpensive] USB WiFi dongle for emergency. My feeling is that if anyone can afford the computer those dongles are fraction of the cost of the computer.

Where you found the .dev file?
I don't see it.
I see only tar.gz file

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It is deb, not dev file.
And sorry, I pasted the wrong link:

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Hmmmm... that page says

e1000-x.x.x.tar.gz driver supports all IntelĀ® 8254x-based PCI

What happens if you enter into terminal:

sudo modprobe e1000e