Eset endpoint security

I wanna buy zorin os pro for my work but i have a problem.
One obligation to system in my work is Eset endpoint security support.
Officially, zorin os is not supported:

But... If zorin os is based on Ubuntu 20.04 lts maybe i can install it anyway?
Does anyone know something about that?
Thank you in advance for your help

I know but... My company "force me" to use Eset :confused:

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ZorinOS 16 is based on Ubuntu 20.04, which ESET supports so it's safe to install.


The issue might be though that it will look for the computer to be named Ubuntu 20.04. There is a way to do that but I have forgotten how.

Open a terminal and:

cd ..

will take you back to /home


cd ..

will take you to root directory


cd /etc {or cd etc}


sudo nano lsb-release

Your current lsb-release should give everything to do with Zorin.
To change to Ubuntu:

cat /etc/lsb-release 

Be mindful that you could break the system, but not sure. Best to make a backup before you mess things up, Timeshift should be a good option to do this.

To write out the changes to the lsb-release file:

Ctrl+ O

You will be prompted to overwrite/save as 'lsb-release'. Press enter key, then

Ctrl+ X to exit the nano editor.

Write down what the values are of the Zorin information to change it back after you have got Eset to install. However this might prevent updates to endpoint if you go back to Zorin - the other issue is that you won't be able to update Zorin.


That's a good point... but in the list of supported OSs there's also Linux Mint which is also based on Ubuntu. Does that mean that it only checks for the OS family instead of the individual distribution?

So, I do see that Eset NOD32 might work - I don't know if there will be a need to change license information or keys or the subscription in any way. It kind of seemed like there was a separate purchase for NOD32.. ?

Was reading through some others doing the same - which NOD32 works, just don't know if your security team is going to like you possibly using an outdated version :person_shrugging: I know I got a lot of flack just for dual-booting my work laptop to work with media players (Linux partitions) - made me reimage because secure boot was disabled :expressionless: Even got myself on AD with all the right things; but, in the end - no lol

That was about the only solution I was able to get from their forums - of course, just researching. I'm not sure if they might have a better answer / solution for you, though.

... I hate how most work places view Linux :unamused: not cool!

This thread may be of interest: URGENT - Installing ESET Endpoint Antivirus

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I'm wondering if this would be of any use. It's how to migrate from one to another, but has the install instructions midway via terminal, and how to activate.. :thinking: I don't have a way to test this out though..

If an application is built for Ubuntu main, then trying to install third party app, regardless of what the app is or does it will look for the device ID - if it can't find Ubuntu in lsb-release it won't install - I don't have any current ubuntu installed so can't check what it says. I think these days, most OS's including Fedora, have something called "Pretty Name" which I suspect for 20.04 is "Focal Fossa". The other issue is that if the Company uses ESET endpoint I would suspect that they would want to (IT Department) install the GNU/Linux version themselves and OP needs to check that their enterprise licence covers GNU/Linux devices.


I second this. The above post #5 has the step:

Just do not forget to change the lsb-release back to Zorin OS when you finish installing ESET

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