Failed to create file system

when trying to instal zorin os 17 it says failed to create a file system heres a picture

Can you provide us with more details? Are you trying to install alongside Windows or something else? Please provide as much information as possible.

have an old lenovo laptop that i think windows got corrupted on or somthing so i installed ubuntu deleted all files or whatever u do and then i tried to install windows 10 it did not work i dont rlly remember what error message came up it was a while ago and now im trying to install zorin os 17 everything goes well till when i choose password and name and stuff and then that error window pops up ext4 file could not be created. So the laptop has all files erased and im trying to install a new os on it.

its a lenovo Z50-75 so its really old

That age machine should not be an issue. i.e. it is not 32bit.
I will give you a link to some basic pre-installation advice to look at here: Before you install

Do we assume the machine does not have an OS installed and is a blank canvas for ZorinOS only installation?

yes, no os installed its all empty

Has the BIOS ever been updated?

uhhh idk dont think so

In the past users had issues installing Zorin because they never updated the BIOS. Check the version you have installed and check against last know. BIOS update issued by Lenovo for your notebook.