Failed to unmount /cdrom

I was trying to install Zorin OS 17 on my computer and the installer said that it couldn't unmount /cdrom.
What should I do now?

How were you trying to install Z17. Using a USB stick or DVD?
Which USB burner did you use (if USB stick used)?

Also. Note some background pre-installation advice can be found here: Before you install

Also, at what stage did this happen: before the installer window, during installation (and which point of this step), after...?

I was using a USB stick. I used Rufus

It happened after I selected the partition to install Zorin OS

We are working a bit in the dark here. We can't see what you did, so have to ask you some more questions.

Are you intending to dual-boot ZorinOS alongside another operating system?

Which install option did you select. e.g. Wipe and install, Install alongside or the "something else" option?

Was there any media in the CDROM drive?

Are you sure you selected the correct empty partition for ZorinOS?

What may help understanding would be a Gparted screenshot of your drives and where you plan to install ZorinOS. You can upload pictures using the "Upload" icon, 7th from left, on the reply box toolbar.

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