Failed to upgrade from specific servers

Hello guys,
I have always problem upgrading from servers in Iran! And I live there :unamused:
So I change my server to main server or other one, or I use Clouldflare service.
This time I have problem with these ways... I used Cloudflare to bypass the restriction, and also I change the server, but I get error 404...
So what should I do?

It looks like there's only one repository causing trouble, probably one that you added explicitly yourself? You might want to check that the server is up and running by contacting the project and asking if they are having any issues.

Otherwise, you can try to change the location of the server manually by editing the file located at /etc/apt/sources.list. Find the entries with the country code ir and change them to something else. For good measure, create a copy of this file before making any changes to it. Also, you will need elevated privileges to edit this file. See this guide for more details:

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I change every single IR servers to US and now system tries to install Snap packages such Firefox!! I have removed Snapd from system

You don't need to update all entries just the one from the screenshot above that was causing trouble. Revert your changes except on that one entry, and try again. You can also try other country servers; remember that the closer to your physical location, the faster it will download packages.


This is because on the Ubuntu 22 Base from Zorin there is Firefox Snap the Standard Version. When You type in the Terminal for Example sudo apt install firefox there won't come the .deb Firefox Version; there will come the Snap Version. And with that Snap itself. That is a common Thing.

A Question: When You only set up Sources in the Zorin Software Tab to Main Server without Your Cloudflare Bypass it doesn't work?

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What is a cloudflare bypass? Does this avoid Cloudflare DNS?

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I meant I am using Cloudflare Warp to bypass some of Iran's internet restriction.
Before I update the system, I had installed Firefox deb version, I reinstall the OS (offline) and this time I didn't choose Iran as default timezone, then all servers were On the USA, so I updated the system without any problem.
Sometimes closer location in Iran doesn't work... JK
Anyway, everything went OK.
Thank you.

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