Three ways to edit files and folders as root

1: Run nautilus as root. In the terminal type: sudo nautilus. Navigate to Computer.

Some people say this is dangerous but I never had a prob.

2: Open Home and hit CTRL+L to open a location. Then type admin:// Then Enter.

3: Install nautilus-admin to get a right click option to open a file or folder as root. This is the most convenient and specific way.

sudo apt install nautilus-admin

You can use

sudo -H nautilus


sudo -i


The reason it is dangerous is because on occasions (even though it is fine most of the time), it can create a hefty permissions error. Your configurations are stored in home, but running directly off of sudo, you are running from Root. Since you are launching from Home, as Root, with no front end, it can cause the system to write any changes as owned by Root.
This can cause a variety of difficult to diagnose problems - and on this forum we have undoubtedly come across this many times without ever knowing that this was the cause.

Zorin Core is nautilus
Zorin Lite is thunar

thunar lets you add this by custom actions

pkexec thunar %f

Very useful. Many thanks!

So I just tried this on zorin os and I don't get any option in right button to open as root?

Did you reboot after adding the extension?