Fast Chat Support Response?

Does Zorin Forums have a chat support feature where response can be fast if not instant?

Please remember this is a Forum made up of users like yourself, not a paid for support service. Forum members generally seek to respond to questions as soon as they are able and in some instances the exchange of messages can resembe an online Chat. But it isn't.


There was an IRC channel setup a long time ago by an old forum member, but I would recommend to steer clear of IRC these days. You could always start a Discord channel yourself?

Well sometimes Google/Youtube is not good enough, which forces me to rely on on forum sites such as this.

If there is a way to get a fast reponse from anywhere please tell me how?

Aren't there any Linux OS expert users who know everything about this distro and are always online here?

Not always online here. Zabadabadoo already explained that most helpers are unpaid volunteers. We also have lives to lead, not just GNU/Linux. I don't use Zorin anymore as my daily OS, I use Devuan 3.1.1 and just have Zorin on a second drive to see if I can resolve issues facing posters.

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I also happen to have Zorin installed on a separate drive.

I'd rather not have to pay for Zorin pro just to get more support and help.

I've watched many videos on Youtube but still hasn't helped me much...

I really am struggling to get used to Linux afters many years of using Windows...
What options do I have left...

Well you could give the following a try if Zorin is not for you:

No, I've already decided to use Zorin distro since the day the Ubuntu installation failed to work.

I believe Zorin is the best alternative to Ubuntu.
I just need a way to make it more customizable than it is currently...

If you list what you'd like to customize then surely you'll have some help, maybe not instantly though :grin:, it may require some more time to find a way to achieve the customizations you want. I mean, for some there's already a way published somewhere on internet, for some not yet, for some you can use an extension and for some you have to change code strings :face_with_spiral_eyes:.

Post your queries in a separate thread we will try our best to resolve your issues, all users are from different time zones that's why you are getting delayed responses, be patient you will get the response as soon as anyone knows how to solve the issue. Nobody is perfect with any distro they are always learning when users like you post issues :smile:

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Heh, yes, that's a reason I forgot :sweat_smile:.

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Here are the issues I need sorted out:

There too many clicks I do every time I log in and out of Zorin, I need to remove the 'the system will shutdown/restart in 60 seconds' window.

Also when I am in the Zorin log in menu when I first boot up, it makes me hard click on my trackpad instead of simply tapping it,

And how do I automatically login right after I correctly enter my password instead of having to press the enter key every single time?

If there is any way to ensure I can get the things mentioned above done, I'd be greatful.

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If there any kind of open source code or downloadable open source software that can help, I may give those a try...

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I think there is no way to do that you must press enter to log in after typing your password

In terminal type

gsettings set org.gnome.SessionManager logout-prompt false

I don't know how to solve this issue hope someone else will help you with this issue

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To shut down immediately after clicking Shut Down or pressing the pc button there's the command Adithyansm provided which I agree with, gsettings set org.gnome.SessionManager logout-prompt false, was already asked on Eliminate shutdown confirmation and approved as a solution. Mind that the 60 seconds delay is a safety measure to avoid accidental shutdown or give you a chance to abort shutdown if you suddenly remember you forgot to do something so unless you aren't sure you really want to shut down your pc when you click or press the button to do it you can proceed with the command.

Looks like buttons are enabled before the touchpad or buttons are detected when pressed instead of touching the touchpad, not sure about this difference, can be a hardware issue.

As Adithyansm I think there's no way to login automatically when password is correct, for security, because let's say that your password is 12345 and someone knows you, that you like things so simple or maybe even saw you type that password for a while (not the whole password), that person starts typing numbers and even without trying each time to hit Enter (I mean after each new number combo, one after the other, like 123, then 1234, then 12345) that person will access your pc with few efforts.

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The risk of somebody randomly guessing a
correct 6 digit password (including any special characters & numbers) is so low - its almost not worth worrying about.

If even Windows 11 does not require you to press enter after correctly entering your password, Linux distros should also have similar options.

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You are forgetting that M$ is closed source - any attempt by GNU/Linux to reverse engineer any element of Windows would then be followed by a swift lawsuit by M$. It was a 16-year-old nordic boy who reverse engineered DVD coding so that Linux users could view DVD's on a GNU/Linux desktop and was put under house arrest for breach of DVD technology patents!

Also when you login are you using a PIN? This does not need the enter key, but a password does:

If you install Windows 11 while connected to the network, you need to enter your user account details, and on the next screen, password!

This might be your ultimate solution:

You should make more than one copy and store the second copy in a safe place.

Could I set up a PIN and use that instead of a password on Zorin?

If that person who reverse engineered the source code of the DVD view technology made it publicly available online then it's already too late for MS to prevent Linux users to view DVD on their desktops.

M$ didn't own the patents, we are talking manufacturers of DVD players in that instance. That Windows 10 thread made it clear that even if you have a PIN to log in, a password would still be needed. Your simplest solution is to make a secure USB for logins, and more secure than PIN or manual entry of password. No secure USB no way of accessing the machine. Simples!