Feature Request: ZorinOS for Music Production, Design and Creative Purposes

Hello dear devs!

Features Request Zorinos for music production:


What we need as music producers out of the box:

  1. Real time Kernel installation option (I 've installed one from Ubuntu Studio, alongside with stock kernel, easy)

  2. Wine Staging option for Windows Support

  3. KX Studio Repository in the Software Store

  4. !Wineasio! Wineasio driver out of the box please!

  5. YABRIDGE or similar VST win plugin container links in software store or, better, preinstalled.

  6. Faq on wineprefixes and bottles for artists not for gaming purposes

  7. Photoshop and other designers software links to linux install github for designers and illustrators.

That's all we want.
I've managed to do it almost good but for newcomers its gonna be bomb!

Please consider it at least as a paid option out of the box
A lot of people migrating from "mustdie"now
And zorin is beautiful, slicky nice BUT needs these features for those who make art and not playing games!

Jol Tai,
The Orchestra of Mirrored Reflections

I believe Zorin had done this in the past when times were different. Remember there are only two developers who have their hands full with Core, Pro and Education. The only other distro geared to Musicians by Musicians is AVLinux.


True. I've tried both AVlinux and ubuntu studio. Did not impress me much.
Well I AM quite Noob in linux in general,(though i do remember DOS before MS quite well) and it took me only couple of weeks to more or less understand and figure out crucial things like Wineasio (the most complicated one) and some other points. And though i do understand, that devs are low in numbers and such THIS feature requeste is the most crucial one for most people who are stuck with "mustdie" just for professional reasons - such as creative purposes. For all others, modern Linux distros, especially Zorin are good enough by now-now. Even for most gamers.
Just creative sector is still laging behind..
And i guess the features i highlighted before are a lot more suitable for Paid Pro version, rather then few layouts and preinstalled free software, though i do also understand it more as a donations, of course to keep the things going.
Prove me wrong, if you will.
Jol Tai

I think AVLinux has changed from what it used to be. I still have an old version of AV Linux lying around somewhere. Another great distro from South America was Musix.

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Its not supported anymore. And AVlinux is geeky and not pretty enough to introduce my girlfriend to it :roll_eyes:

Lets hear a word from Zorin Group, but these would be a potential GAMECHANGER - now ZorinOS is in top 5, amongst Linux Mint, pop!os and EndeavorOs, but it can slice the share of users as butter with those lets say paid features, 'cos most people I know use some DAWs or Photoshop as hobbie at least and it stopes them from moving on from "mustdie" and they re not geeky enough to hack the brains with weird wineasio situation and etc..

Hell, even my girlfriend finds ZorinOS handsome AF and even more pretty then MacOs and she's a painter and far away from all the tech issues...

Alternatively, if there are some advanced Lyn-peeps around, who can help me to implement all the awesome features for creatives, we can make our own build on top of ZorinOS, make it paid and distribute it from zorinOs website on percent of income, of course :wink:
I stillhave some issues in my setup, but i can start sharing guides on how to DIY this compicated audio stuff, especially if iI will find some support here from more expirienced Dudes...