Feedback on Install of Zorin 16 Core r1

Well last night I installed it twice - the first one with noveau drivers - didn't pick up the second screen - no such issue in Devuan 3.1.1 - was effectively forced to use the nvidia drivers. Then I made the mistake of installing kde via synaptic - crashed part way through, don't know why. Then I tried second install and was perplexed that it did not want to use the 32 Gb swap file I created - it wanted to use the 1 Mb swap file in Devuan! So I disconnected the Devuan drive before attemtping to put on failing WD 500 Black drive. I connected the second monitor to second graphics card - whilst the system could identify the other monitor nothing came from it - disappointing as Feren OS that was installed on another drive picked up the second graphics card without an issue. I will play around with it some more in respect of KDE, but I still prefer Devuan over Zorin! Sorry guys!

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Weve had confirmed reports of strangeness from the installer, Something Zorin team should look at.

I also forgot to mention that the EFI creation partition did not show up while other drive connected! And again issues with Sound - nothing at all. Just double-checked - picks up the hardware but no sound, unlike in live mode. Still think I need to setup a blaclist.conf file as I gave out in a tutorial for SoundBlaster Card users!

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That issue i have reported as well. After first installation and you want to do a second the drive you installed zorin on is not listed. Unless you fully wipe it.

OK, I now have sound but not as it should be! Here are all the ALSA modules and apps installed:

AFTER I blacklisted snd_hda_intel as per the guide here:

When I run the test, Left Speaker is actually coming from middle speaker, right speaker is mufled, no sound (i.e., white noise) from sub woofer and rear left working, just crackles on screen for rear right! So left speaker nothing, but is being allocated to middle speakers, nothing now on right front, sound on rear left, nothing on sub-woofer and nothing on rear right speaker. Aaaaarrrrrrggggggghhhhh! (in Mono!)

Update - anyone spot the sliders near the bottom in that screenshot?
Update: Front Left is coming from middle speakers, Middle speakers - nothing apart from crackle when icon of test selected. Front right is actually coming from the sub-woofer! (That is why it is muffled!). Sound from rear left and rear right.

Well just tried to see if I could remove Pulse audio in KDE desktop but it wanted to remove everything - I won't be continuing with Zorin 16 Core r1 - now to see if I can finally get Emmabuntus DE3 installed and working on the drive!
Take care guys.

This is what it wants to remove on mine:

indicator-sound libcanberra-pulse pulseaudio pulseaudio-module-bluetooth

Note: zorin-os-desktop

Wouldn't be world ending though, since I am not using the Zorin OS Desktop, but the Lite XFCE desktop, instead.
If you are using KDE, you would be able to continue using that.

To fix your audio issues this might help -> Realtek ALC255 sound and subwoofer

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What the heck is going on with this new freaking kernel? It makes me upset that I see so many on here suffering from audio issues that totally shouldn't be, in the year 2021! This is not right.

New kernels shouldn't be going out that are untested. Just rediculous if you asked me. I feel bad for people I really do. We've been getting a lot of support requests for audio related issues.

I mean, how hard is it to send LEFT channel to LEFT speaker, RIGHT channel to RIGHT speaker, CENTER channel to CENTER/WOOFER speaker? Its not rocket science! But might as well be for whoever is making these kernels.

Believe it or not guys, I been using Linux for 6+ years, and I still don't know who makes them. Like I said, I am not a Linux expert lol.


You should dissect the Pulseaudio code, sometime.:wink:

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Linus Torvalds makes them. That's right One Man to rule them all. Of course there are plenty of devs putting in code, but ultimately he is the one that releases the kernel. You can take his code and recompile it to you liking and make your own Linux distro if you so prefer.


Hi, I don't think it's a kernel issue in my instance or to rephrase it the packages for Sound Blaster to work are the AWE32/64 emulation packages and the emu10k packages haven't been updated much. I bought the RX card and whilst having purchased in addition a 'Linux' friendly sound card that ironically refused to work and eventually I got it working using the packages stated. It lists correctly the options available including 5.1 Surround sound but even in this old version of KDE

I am getting sound through centre, nothing from front left or right - the latter coming out of the subwoofer and only rear left and rear right speakers working! I have for fun just installed Q4OS which upgraded from 2.5 to 2.7 after install and I opted for KDE which is old but the System Settings is useful as no need to black list the HDA intel on the HDMI front of the graphics card!

Sounds like the same issue i had, the fix is posted in my own thread

Just found some interesting old posts on Linux Mint about Pulse Audio:

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