Realtek ALC255 sound and subwoofer

Hi all,

Can someone help me, i have a acer predator gaming notebook and have installed zorin 16 on it. Everything works fine but the speakers don't. All sounds are coming from the subwoofer and the 2 speakers don't work.

How can i fix this ?

From AlsaMixer:

From QasMixer:

From AlsaMixer:

More info:


First try and see in alsamixer if the volume is set low and if the subwoofer is mute.


AGREED...Plus, you can also check your volumes in "PULSEAUDIO"

@Storm, alsmixer is not in the store
Sudo apt-get alsamixer ?

@StarTreker, i already can check the volumes in system. I don't need a app for that lol

Settings -> Sound ->

I disagree. Pavucontrol contains more settings and options and leads directly to the PulseAudio module controller. Using pavucontrol really is the way to go and it is not unusual that setting the sound in Pavucontrol corrects the problem.

Importantly, having or using Alsamixer and Pavucontrol at the same time does sometime lead to conflicts. While the majority of users experience no trouble, for those who are, it is often better to stick with just one or the other.

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I edited my first post, the bass is working just fine. It's the volume that needs more power

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Here is a thread I found that has a large number of different suggestions.

Exactly, I was gonna say, Pulseaudio is not just a volume control app. You can adjust sound output modes, input mode selection, you can adjust balances, you name it, it does alot, and as such is a must have.

@Aravisian @StarTreker @Storm: I got some more details now, the sound is coming from the subwoofer and the 2 internal speakers in the laptop are not even working. When i test the sound in the settings -> sound -> and i select to test the speakers both sounds are getting out of the subwoofer :astonished:

From AlsaMixer:

From QasMixer:

From AlsaMixer:

More info:

It is interesting when I reading your comments. I find on my this two option and which one need to choose?alsa

Someone can help me @Storm @Aravisian @StarTreker

Perhaps some of these tips may help.
I'm sorry, I am not always much help where speakers and sound issues are concerned. :wink:

@bourne, i have sound but that one comes out of the subwoofer instead out of the speakers.

Yes I know but there is also instruction if some files are corrupted. For your laptop it is good idea what I saw up the chip a sound and try find information if drivers or something else not blocked your volume more high. I saw option in volume settings overamplification.

Weak, Low volume, Tinny sound under Manjaro compared to Windows - Newbie Corner - Manjaro Linux Forum here a user have a solved problem.

@Michel I am unable to read your screenshots linked in imgur. Even when zoomed. Any reason you can't upload sheenshots inline with your post?

What happens if you increase [Headphone] volume slider in Alsamixer i.e. the terminal version of Alsamixer.

Also try setting [Auto-Mute] to Disabled.

You could also try setting [Loopback] to Enabled and see what happens.

I find terminal version of Alsamixer the best tool to aid fixing sound problems, but sound problems can be tricky and illogical to troubleshoot from my own experience.

Fixed!, speakers are correctly working now! It seems alot of predator series gets mono sounds.

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Good to heard you fixed a volume in a laptop.