Firefox profile problem

I am using the latest zorin 17.1 which comes with the flatpak version of firefox. With the standard .deb version and with the snap version, the profiles are in /home/user/.mozilla/firefox and /home/user/snap/firefox/common/.mozilla/firefox respectively. Thus I can copy the same custom profile to several different users and GNU/linux distributions. Whereas the flatpak version has a well-known bug and I am unable to achieve the same result. In fact, even using:

rm -rf profile1
mkdir -p $firefoxProfile1
ln -s $firefoxProfile firefoxProfile1

it does not work. The profile is copied, firefox starts, but it does not work and it is as if it was broken.
Do you have any suggestions?
Thank you

It is maybe a big Cut but You could use the .deb Version instead of the Flatpak Version.

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Honestly, just use the .deb version of Firefox. There are two reasons why Flatpaks may be desirable:

  1. They are containerized which supposedly makes them more secure. And I'm not implying this is not true, but it's not a magic bullet and vulnerabilities have been found often in the sandbox mechanism itself.

    In addition, web browsers are already containerized by design. The same precautions you should follow apply with or without an additional layer of sandboxing: don't click on every link you see and don't download random stuff.

  2. They are easier for the developer to distribute and for distributions to provide the latest possible version.

    Mozilla now provides an up to date repository with the latest version of Firefox available. This gives you the best of of both worlds: an up to date browser that is uses the native packaging format, which makes it far more compatible and easier to work with.

Newer versions of Zorin OS will now use this option instead of the flatpak version of Firefox as it has caused numerous issues:

Note that if you have the flatpak version this will not be uninstalled for you, this applies only to new installations or if you've already made the switch:

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