First experiences and problems of a newcomer

In the meantime, I have installed manjaro in parallel with zorin 16 and compared them.
Unfortunately, several things do not work in Zorin:

  1. the automatically installed printer cannot print PDFs with special fonts. In Manjaro it works without problems (HP Laserjet Color MFP M281). Note: the printer is not installed automatically but added via the printer dialogue.
  2. acrobat reader installed via playonlinux with the corresponding script, runs through but when closing the reader playonlinux crashes every time. Under Manjaro it works perfectly.
  3. first installed Manjaro, then Zorin, on two partitions on the same drive (automatically without manual intervention).
    After some work in the systems, Grub is probably changed, in any case Manjaro can no longer be started (but is still present in the boot selection).
    Zorin still has to optimise this. I hope this will happen soon, otherwise I am very convinced of the system.

Marcellot, this is categorized in Installing Zorin OS, but I wonder if it being moved to Feedback Forum may be more productive.
The only step needed to move it is to click on the Edit function on the title, then the category drop down menu to select the new category. No pain, there.

But as feedback, the troubles you are reporting are very valuable.

Otherwise, you may be seeking troubleshooting on the non-working issues. Would you like to troubleshoot the above concerns?

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Welcome to the Zorin forum, and welcome to Zorin OS 16! :grinning:

I concur, since this is a feedback post, it belongs in the Feedback category.

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