Flatpak cursor break

Hey guys, recently I have had to reinstall Zorin OS on my machine, and I have noticed that some Flatpak applications ("Freetube", Bitwarden, Drawing, etc) are defaulting to the Adwaita cursor, instead of using my custom one (Oreo Cursor).

I don't remember this being an issue on my previous install. Anyone else is having this issue/ knows of a fix?

Thanks in advance.

That is how Snap and Flatpack both work. They ignore the system theme and any other customizations as they are Sandboxed Applications.

So it seems. What is odd is that the applications worked fine in my previous install. I remember I started using Flatpaks specifically because Snaps wouldn't display the cursor correctly. Also this is specific to a few Flatpak applications, others work as expected.


Is your cursor icon theme in /usr/share/icons or in ~/.icons?

It is in ~/.icons, should it be in /usr/share/icons instead?

No, since flatpak cannot see in the /usr directory. Maybe something has changed recently within flatpak...

I will look at the permissions under Flatseal tomorrow when I wake up, and see if there is anything funky going on

In Flatseal, granting access to either "All system files" or "All user files" under "Filesystem" fixes the issues to the misbehaving applications. Not sure which of the two is the better option to enable though.

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