Flickering screen bug


I'm having issues with with my current installation of Zorin OS Pro (kernel 5.13.0-27-generic and kernel 5.13.0-25-generic). Whenever I boot I get the following problem (it's a link to youtube vid):

Youtube video

As you can see, my extended monitor renders correctly though. I've also tried disconnecting the external monitor (before and after boot), same result on my main laptop screen.

I'm currently using this Nvidia driver, but all of them (even the X.Org one) gives the same result. So I'm guessing that it's not the issue.

These are my installed Zorin kernels (in the boot selection menu):

5.11.0-43-generic is the only one that doesn't have this problem. Also the one I'm currently using to type this forum post.

Besides that, this is my pc information:

Any help would be welcome.


I would stick with the working 5.11.0-43 kernel, then.

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Use the kernel that works for you. If all your hardware works at a specific kernel use it. Newer doesn't always means better only if your computer is new and needs drivers to work.

Thanks, will try that out later this week.

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