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i have got this computer from someone due to the whole covid thing and they have an account. i have no idea what the password is and when i hold down left shift nothing comes up. i need to download things but i need a password and without a pass word i cannot make a new user. i either need a new user or to reset the computer i do not know how to do either of that. please help thank you

Your best bet would be to reinstall the operating system and get a fresh start:

i cannot reinstall as i do not know the pasword to reinstall the software

In installing Zorin OS, you would create a password. You do not need the old password to Boot from a bootable medium and install a new operating system.

when i try and download 64bit zorin im not sure what to do its in file and on desktop and when i double click it it opens the file and doesnt let me download the softwear.

The download on your desktop is an ISO file that contains the installation media.
The next step is to create a Bootable Copy that you can then use to install Zorin OS.

You have two methods available that you can choose
1.) Burn the ISO file to a DVD using your burner software. Just open your Disk Burner and select the ISO from your desktop from the browse funtion within the burner and follow the prompts.
2.) Burn the ISO file to a USB stick using Unetbootin, Rufus, Balena Etcher… This method MAY be troublesome. Opening Unetbootin requires using the Root Password.
To change the password you must follow the instructions here:

While all that terminal and scripting looks intimidating, it really is just Unfamiliar- it is quite easy and with that guide, just follow the prompts and you can change the password.
At this point, you may be tempted to not reinstall Zorin- However, you are Inheriting any and all of someone else’s Operating System with who knows what problems or glitches that may haunt you later. Usually, at the worst possible time.
The best option is to reinstall.
IF you choose to keep your OS as is, you can stop reading this post here.
IF you choose to reinstall:

Now that you have the root password, you can install and run Unetbootin
First, add the repository in order to have access to the secure file:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gezakovacs/ppa

Next, install unetbootin

sudo apt-get install unetbootin

next, insert your blanka nd ready to be formatted USB stick
Run Unetbootin by searching for it in your app menu
At the lower portion, check the dot for DISKIMAGE
Select ISO from your Desktop by clicking the three dots on the far right (…)
Type USB Drive Drive (Should fill in automatically with the mounted USB stick) - Then hit “OK” and it will do the rest.

Once complete, reboot the computer with the USB plugged in and select the key for that manufacturer for getting to the Boot Order (F10, F8 or F12 are common ones). Select your USB drive and move from there to boot from the USB.
This will give a menu for Try or install Zorin.
Select it and it will load, then you will see a Desktop with files on the desktop including the Install Zorin Ubiquity Installer. Double click that, a window will open, and follow the prompts. It will ask for your location, keyboard language etc… Then it will give a prompt for the Method of Installation. It’s just a matter at this point of clicking the first one and letting the installer run and following any prompts it gives along the way.

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look. i’m just trying to reset my password not redownload the whole thing. i have no spare dvds or usb sticks to put this on. i also cannot get to the grub menu i have help shift and tapped esc multiple times does not work. i am not using ubunti im using zorin. is there a way to find out the password?

Zorin is built off Ubuntu- the instructions are identical.
If you follow those instructions, you can reset-change the password.

I know of no way of finding the password in the Modern Distro.

right but how do i get to the ‘grub’ screen?

Ah, I gotcha now… You said above that does not seem to work.
However, holding the left shift key Should open the Option Menu. I have found in my own experience that if holding it does not work, to tap the left shift key vigorously at boot. It may take a couple boots/tries.
The reason for this giving you trouble may be that on your existing copy of Zorin, the setting in grub
is set at “0” or “hidden”. If so, it allows Very Little time during which the system will register the Shift key. Which is why sometimes, tapping the key furiously with fingers crossed works., when you tap the key during that small amount of time between MB Splash screen and Zorin Boot start.
It is only possible to change that grub setting by using the Root Password- which you do not have. So at the moment, tapping the left shift key like a starving woodpecker is your best bet.
The esc key will not get you to the Option Menu unless using UEFI.

The Option menu Has the Zorin OS boot order, where you can select to boot into the current kernel, an earlier kernel if one is present- or Recovery Mode. Selecting Recovery mode will take you to the Recovery Menu.
From there, tap down to the bottom of the menu to Drop To Prompt and follow the guide posted above.

so are you saying to try to get to the grub menu or try to get the recovery menu?

In this case- they are the same thing.
You must access the Grub through the recovery menu to change the password. And I understand your frustration but please keep in mind that a person giving away a computer loaded with Linux without giving the Root password is not a common experience.
The Root password is there to protect the security of the user. It’s a password; not supposed to be easily accessed and changed.

so i have to tap the left shift alot- until it comes up?

You might check if you are using UEFI by accessing the normal boot parameters of your motherboard (this is not relevant to Linux or to Windows) and just be Double Sure- because if it is UEFI, it would be the esc key.
But other than that, Yes. I have been through it myself too… I feel your pain. One time it took I think four boots. And as a Mortal Kombat Shujinko player, I am pretty fast at hitting a key repeatedly.

how do i see UEFI?

im sorry im not good at this

It depends on the Computer make and model. f you post your Make and model of the computer, we can look up a guide real quick.

acer? i think it might be an aspire computer

Mine is Acer Aspire and it is not UEFI… My sons is a newer Aspire and it is UEFI. Sadly, that is not enough info- look on the Computer itself for an identifying sticker.

well the sticker says intel core i3?