[FR/EN] Problem with standby screen

[EN] Hi, I've just switched from Windows to Linux, with Zorin-os-16. My problem is that my standby screen is locking my computer until i turn it down. You can see on the photo in attachment that the screen is strange above all.

Can someone help me solve this ?

[FR] Bonjour, je viens de passer de Windows à Linux par le biais de Zorin-os-16. Le problème que je rencontre est le suivant : lorsque mon pc passe en mode veille, je ne peux plus l'utiliser sans le redémarrer avant. J'ai mis en pièce jointe la photo de l'écran qui est très étrange.

Quelqu'un saurait résoudre ce problème ?

are you using a NVIDIA card . I had the same error When I had a nvidia card until I installed the NVIDIA drivers . All so try to change your cable . A bad video cable can do the same thing

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I use a new laptop from HP with AMD Radeon Graphics.


I don't use any video cable.
It works fine when i reinstall it and once I go to additional drivers and it shows restart to make the driver change . So once restarted it gives me this screen.

Mine is Asus zephyrus g14 2020 model.. with amd ryzen 7 and nvidia GTX 1650ti.
Can it be related to graphics driver?

I haven't tried this.

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