Fractional scaling is laggy

When dragging windows, its like the window is chopped into 5 parts and then being dragged weirdly. Happens at most fractional scaling options.

Zorin OS 16
Lenovo Yoga 370

Can you please give us the output of the second command? It will tell us about your system.

sudo apt install inxi
inxi -Faz

Oh, I think you have screen tearing. I assume also system animations are disabled on your system (i.e. when you try to snap a window to a corner, does it happen smoothly or no animations plays at all?). Please tell us your system specifications because the procedure is different for different CPU/GPU manufacturers. But assuming you have an Intel CPU+Nvidia GPU combo, you can try following the steps found here.
Also can you please confirm that the screen tearing does not happen when you have fractional scaling disabled?