Freezes when launching programs

Hi there,
Installed Zorin Core on an Asus M50v laptop. It boots fine, I can log in and open various menus and folders. As soon as I try to launch Firefox or LibreOffice it freezes. I have updated and am running the recommended GPU drivers. The pointer still moves but all else is frozen. Have restarted multiple times. What is causing this?

Could you check the process on Utilities -> System Monitor? Use CPU and Memory column headers to toggle highest consuming processes, and let us know what you see? Do this without Firefox or Libre, since otherwise it just freezes your machine and we don’t get anywhere.

Can you also check that your settings look similar to this?

and that you are using any drivers listed under “Additional Drivers” tab (those are the recommended ones and I assume you’re using one of those)?

Is it just Firefox and LibreOffice?
If true, how did you install them?
i.e. are they snaps or did you install using Synaptic.

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