Frustrating Boot time

This is kinda frustrating. My boot up time became very long. It takes almost 2 minutes and 50 seconds just to show the glowing Zorin Logo. Then it takes another minute before the Log in screen comes. What can i do to make it fast?

Also the Grub menu doesn't show automatically, i have to press Esc key.

Also why this ttyl screen is coming before the log in screen?

What's your specs?

sudo apt install inxi
inxi -F

With 4GB DDR3 ram. The spec is not good, but it wasn't that slow before.

Have you installed something lately that could drag the bootup down?

Let's have a look at your bootup time.

systemd-analyze blame

Strange, what are all these dev-loop devices doing? Going to see if I can find anything on the topic. Besides that you can shape 38 secs of boot time if you don't use snap.

It seems the dev-loop has something to do with snap... so if you want to remove them from the boot up you need to get rid of snap and rely on Flatpak and .deb

Do I need Snap to install app? Do Removing it anyhow hamper any thing in software installation experience?

Here is my startup apps

There's some apps you don't get access to, but they are few if you have flatpak and the default repositories.

You can run

snap list

to see your snap package on the system. Then check if they are aviable as a flatpak or .deb in the software center.

These are the things. How can i check these are available in Flatpak or deb?

Wine and winrar I see.

Wine can be installed normally if you use it.
Winrar is not necessary on Linux.

If updating BIOS can be done safely without Windows I'd also look at updating that if there is an update.

It's a 2010 laptop, so no bios update

How can i remove snap completely?
And how to remove winrar?

By removing snap all snap packages will be uninstall, including winrar.

Done it. Yet the boot time remains the same.

Let's see the bootup time again:

systemd-analyze blame

Does it anything to do with the grub menu not showing up and ttyl screen?