Game Compatibility with Zorin & Switchable GPUs

Can Zorin run League of legends? and other windows steam games?

It seems possible to run LoL on Linux, as Zorin uses the latest version of wine.
But I have another question.
how to switch graphics cards? , Because I am 100% sure my AMD GPU died due to extensive heat from windows 10.
Now I only use intel HD 3000.

Check website. proton.db


I'm running games like Pathfinder: WotR and Rogue Lords via steam Proton. As Bourne said check proton.db.

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I have been trying to play some games from steam lately...but the non-native games are very difficult to get to work.

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I reworded the title to help fit your gaming question. Hopefully this will help with fellow gamers like yourself in response.

And there is some great info in our tutorial section. This may help with your emulation part PlayOnLinux and other links


I know on Discord is channel linux gamers. Somewhere here i remember put that link chat.

well actually they use Wine 5.x by default
the latest is something like wine 7.x

though, no worries!
Steam comes included with Proton, a set of Tools built on top of wine to aid in running your Windows games on Linux, and Lutris is another great project for anything which isn't on Steam

Either way, here's how to switch graphics cards:

# By default, there is no UI to do this included, though that can be easily fixed through a Gnome Extension
$ sudo prime-select <intel/amd>
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