Getting error in software store

MY APPS are not installing from the software store

Maybe something is already in the queue and is not installed/upgraded yet :man_shrugging:


after an hour i got this error shown

Rather than take a screenshot from Google meet, can you please use Take Screenshot app that comes with Zorin and save as .jpg. That image you posted is too blurry to read. Thanks.

Under Software Updater, check the source is set to "Main Server" instead of any country/regional server.

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hey now it doesn't matter i don't know how but this is fixed automatically

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Gnome Software is useful in that it makes the user unaware of Linux's complex package management. Still, it is not as powerful as the commands in the terminal, so it does not always seem to solve the problem.

However, I prefer not to use the terminal because it can even remove packages that are necessary for the OS to work... :cold_sweat:

So can the software store - and we have dealt with that a few times on the forum.
The terminal prints out what packages will be removed which the Software store does not do...

@Aravisian I wish I knew what it does by the name of the package, but unfortunately I don't have that knowledge.

After use, you begin to recognize package names... But right off the bat, removing essential system files is a rare occurrence. This type of thing will happen if the user tries to remove things that are kind of obvious that it will cause a problem.
Removing Terminal, the Desktop Environment and things like that.
You can take comfort knowing that any application that You Installed - will not remove essential system files.

Now, if you want to remove an integrated program that came with Zorin OS, you often can, but in such cases, you can ask ahead on the forum.

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Indeed, failure teaches us many things. Now I have two flash drives that allow me to constantly backup data and reinstall the OS.

Yes, extactly. Initially, I had the same and also a back up DVD of Zorin OS. I fried my build so many times... I recall once month that in this month, I reinstalled Zorin OS at least 7 times.
Much of this is to do with me, though... Experimenting and poking and prodding. I was behaving in an unusual way, not how most users would probably act.
These days, it is very rare I reinstall. In fact, in the past 6 months, I have gotten into poor habits and am dangerously lazy with my backing up of data. Jinx myself...
But my point is, once you have done a bit of learning, Zorin OS is remarkably stable.

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