Getting permission 403 error how to fix .i am new to zorin os

Please open Software & Updates app from App Menu.
In the First Tab Software change your server to Main Server at the "Download From" drop down menu.

Ensure that the first four boxes are checked above that.

Close the app and refresh when it asks.

Open a new terminal and test

sudo apt update

this is being shown

Can you please wait about thirty minutes and try again? That may be a server issue.
Keep Software & Updates set to Main Server, though.

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it is still showing above one

Sorry for the delay.
Do you have UFW enabled?

UFW means

UFW is Uncomplicated FireWall.

You can check through GUFW, the Graphical UFW Application.

Can you tell how to check

Please launch the Settings app navigate to Settings > Network > Firewall Configuration


It is like this

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I see it is not on.

Hmmm... The only thing I can think of is Dropped Packets (Intermittent loss of connection.) Or server is down or being updated.

Is that error still present now?

Yes it is still there

I have also tried to download vscode. It is showing broken package

I can see this easily happening if getting a 403 error.

You can try

sudo dpkg –configure -a

sudo apt update --fix-missing

Are you using a VPN or Proxy?

No vpn

Coming like this

Smack me upside the head... I just now noticed the "inrelease" follows every single repository you have.

Can you please show me a photo of your Software & Updates - Other Tab?

It looks like there may be a broken repository included in that list. But I am not seeing enough in the screen photos to tell which one.

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In your screenshot, you have Zorin OS patches unchecked...
As well as Zorin OS Main.

Can you check each of these that I Outlined to On and then refresh?

Then try

sudo apt update