Getting "Repository does not have a release file" error during update. How do I fix this?

Man, it feels like it's been forever since I last made a post here. [More like several months or what have you.] And yet, here I am with a different issue. :man_shrugging:

I'm not quite sure why my mom is getting this error during her update process, but it's got me somewhat puzzled too. :thinking: I tried doing some Googling earlier to find out some answers, but I've yet to find a solution/explanation that is easy to understand. I'm including 3 screenshots btw. 1 is the exact error message received in the terminal during updates & the other 2 are showing the settings for both the Ubuntu Software & Other Software within the Software & Updates tab/app.

So anyway, I'm hoping someone here can help me resolve this issue. If any of you happen to need more details, or have questions, please be sure to ask & I will reply back! :slight_smile: ** Also, spoiler alert: I myself don't daily-drive Linux & I don't really know everything about it, but I'm more FAR more knowledgeable than my mom since that's why I take care of her pc's maintenance duties. ** Also, if there's anything I should actually change DO let me know!

Thanks in advance to anyone whom can help! :+1:

It's pretty harmless. You have ticked enable CD-rom in the sourcelist. Just untick it or leave it.

OK, but will unticking it fix the issue? :thinking:

Yes, then reload the with

sudo apt update

OK. I'll try that & hope it works. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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