Give "software" apps better file access

I found that software installed thru the software application have access to way less directories on the system. On steam, you can't access a bunch of files to add external games, on discord you cant upload images from most directories, and on vscode the integrated terminal can't find PATH.

Ive installed these apps thru apt now, but I would like to have them on the store for several reasons. How can I give software apps access to more directories?

Hope this helps!

The ZorinGroup went to lengths to set up the Software store (Gnome-Software) with an additional button on the headerbar that shows the Source of the package. The button is there; Use It. Check the Source when using the Software Store.
If the Gnome-Software application is trying to push a Snap Package or Flatpak on you, then you will know about it thanks to that button.

I prevent this entirely by removing flatpak and snapd

sudo snap list

remove any and replace with APT packages

sudo flatpak list

Remove any and replace with APT packages

sudo apt remove --purge flatpak snapd

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