Global Menu for Gnome

Anyone had any luck with the global menu extension for Gnome?

I followed the guide on their page: GitHub - gonzaarcr/Fildem: Fildem global menu

But no cigar

Works for me...

Try with VLC media player (not the snap/flatpak version)
Did not work with Ferdi.

hmm... going to try all over again.

Also remember that, by default, it is set visible on mouse hover.

No, nada, zero. This is puzzling me.

I'm wondering if my config files are wrong.

Looks ok to me.
I found this. Check if it works:

That worked. By compiling from the source did the trick.

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I'm confused, what is this global menu, and what does it do? Zorin OS already comes with a menu on Gnome. :thinking:

The Global Menu has the elements of the menu bar of an application window in the top panel.
Like in my screenshot that shows VLC media player. See the menu bar labels in the top panel?

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I took a real good look at it, and this was my reaction...

Leonard Nimoy Reaction GIF

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I think as Gnome continues into the Gnome 41-42 versions, it will be harder to have the universal menu bar - ala MacOS. While I don't agree with the choice necessarily, I do think they are trying to maintain as standard a development platform as possible to attract app developers as a standard approach makes it easier to develop and support apps.

Not taking one side or the other - but that is where I see this going.

I think it really depends on what a person means by "easy." It may be easier for Gnome. Maybe. It is not always "easy" to develop for an app that the rules have changed for - had elements removed from.
But most importantly; It is not the developer but the user that determines ease and use. The developer answers to the needs of the user, not the other way around.
Of Course developers will always want their job to be as easy as possible. That is inevitable.
The user must find an application to be functional and useful, not solely easy and in this, you find the standard set.
Trending toward convincing the user that the medicine tastes good and that the onus is on the user to adapt to any and all changes made by a developer is bound to back-fire, even if developers are motivated to do so in order to make their lives a bit easier and less work. They knew the workload when they became developers.

Gnome currently is gearing toward emulating Android and Mobile. Like Blizzard being so out of touch as to believe that a Mobile Game of Diablo was a good idea, Gnome is prioritizing their Brand Image and Corporate Interests over the user. Today, Gnome is doing fine - Gnome Extensions hold it all together... But Gnome hopes to eliminate those "hacks" and I suspect gnome is too blinded by self-interest to realize that they will shoot themselves in the foot before it is too late.

An abomination and sacrileges to all what's holy. Instantly the Diablo franchise died a horrible and painful death.

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You misconstrued my point. When I said easier for the developer, I meant easier for them to develop software that meets user needs. A good analogy is the Android development landscape vice iOS. Given all the user interface items an Android developer needs to address (screen size, available memory on phone, type of phone etc) it takes more time to develop an app and they have to develop to the lowest common denominator of phones to optimize their software. Since iOS is more controlled and standardized from a hardware perspective --- it costs less time to develop applications and it impacts all of the iOS user base. Hence many apps get developed for iOS first and the experience tends to be a higher quality than on Android. The financial results testify to that fact.

That dynamic makes it easier for developers to meet the needs of the users and be user focused more effectively. In the linux desktop world - many applications had user reported issues that were related to desktop customizations they implemented and not solely with the application. That makes it harder to meet user needs. What Gnome is doing - is reducing the level of customization to facilitate app development.

That does not contradict meeting user needs. it facilitates it.

It really sounds to me like you are saying that Developers need to assume that users are dumb and incompetent, then develop apps to suit that assumption. No, I am not misconstruing you, at all.
MS Windows and Mac already follow this lead. We do not need it emulated here.
Those that want that already have that option.
The appeal to them is that Linux costs less. So, they want to come over to Linux to get mac or Windows for Free.
That's not how it works.

The financial results also testify to that Mac / Apple Gouges the consumers. Mac systems take up only about 7% of the market.
7%... Yet, Apple is a Trillion dollar company, just like Microsoft. The testament here is that the wealthy few have more money than sense.
Perhaps a few apps are developed for Apple, first. But your statement is highly misleading.
The reality is that the vast majority of applications are developed first for Android. that is where the lions share of the market is.
And most apps developed for iPhone are proprietary and only available on iPhone.
Only the Top tier apps get any nominal support for being ported over, like iTunes, because Apple can find other ways to Profit Off of It.

Your entire argument flies in the face of the History of Linux. Gnome does not seek to create a better user experience. They wish to increase Gnomes stakes and stock and gain a stronger foothold of dominance, for Gnome. And they are doing so not by creating better apps - as Gnome-Software, Epiphany Browser, Gnome-Sound-Recorder and other strictly amateurish and buggy apps attest - but by asserting greater control and dominance over the user with more and more restrictive code. A person would be exceptionally hard-pressed to support the notion that Gnome Applications are of Higher Quality than competition...

If you appreciate that mentality, you have options:
You can appreciate it and use it just fine. Open up your wallet and pay for it. And if you do not want to pay, you are not entitled to come over to Linux and demand to have your cake for Free.
They already exist for you. There is no need to try to port that mentality onto Linux. We like our Freedom and Open Source methods better, here.

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As long as the Zorin dev's, don't upgrade Zorin OS to use Gnome 40 and above, I am good. The only reason why Gnome 38 is acceptable, is because it allows extensions to make it more usable.

Now, for those who are still not in the know, POP OS have been working on their own DE, I am not sure if they finished it or not, but with the size of the team that makes up System76, they could be. The reason they have, is because they are fed up with Gnome as well.

What I think would be interesting to see is, if the Zorin dev's decide to use POP OS's new DE, for the next distribution of Zorin OS 17. The Zorin dev's would get mad respect from me if they do, just saying.

And that at the end of the day, like Aravisian said, is why we like open source Linux, because it provides us choices. Its good for a distro to have more then 1 DE. XFCE LITE is good, but its far from perfect. So, a distro giving a user the choice of multiple DE's for the distro, I think, is a great thing.

I am really hoping Zorin OS adopts POP OS's new DE in place of Gnome, for their CORE/PRO distribution, and continue to provide XFCE for their LITE distribution.

Aravisian is also right, that both Microsoft and Apple have in common, is they lock you into what they want for you, you don't have any choice. And yes, freaking Google Android is practically the same way. Yes, its "technically" built upon Linux. But its really nothing like Linux.

Because at the heart of Android is Google. And Google thinks it knows best, like Microsoft, like Apple, and you are locked into their APP store, their APPS, their rules! You know what I think is annoying? You can buy a phone, receive one security & OS update for it, then you never receive updates ever again.

Its that whole mentality of E-waste generation, in an effort to make companies more profit, to force you to buy a new phone. That has been going on for far too long, which is why the EU is fed up with it. And they are now issuing new laws that say, you phone companies need to support your freaking phones for 7-years!

And not only that, your phones must support USB C, all of them, no more of this proprietary connector BS, or no ports whatsoever BS. The reality is, the USA government has no backbone to make these companies do right, but the EU does. All improvements we see, are thanks to the EU.

So, even though I don't live in Europe, I'd like to issue my humble thank you to the EU, for you guys are making all of our lives better, by making good decisions like that.

The are more cases of mobile apps being available on iOS and not Android than the reverse. While Android is the lion share of the market --- it makes a smaller portion in revenue off of apps than on Apple. So where do you think developers are going to focus their attention? No one works for free.

Again you are misconstruing my point because you are obviously upset. Having a standard platform that is not ever changing does make it easier for developers to provide value to users.

You can appreciate it and use it just fine. Open up your wallet and pay for it. And if you do not want to pay, you are not entitled to come over to Linux and demand to have your cake for Free. Blockquote

I am not forcing a paradigm on linux -- it is happening not only with Gnome but also with PopOS - you dont think System76 is developing its own DE that will be standardized to a strong degree to make sure the OS it ships with its hardware is more stable and less buggy? If you do you are kidding yourself as they don't do this work for free. As for demanding my cake for free - I paid for ZorinOS Pro as I realize you dont get value for free.

I prefer Linux because it offers more privacy and security than other OSs. Recognizing the need to provide a platform and not just a DE in order to make Linux a better choice for a broader market is not a negative.

I can post Red Herrings, too, if you like.
You are misconstruing my point because you obviously have a bias toward wanting less user control.
See my point?

It really is best avoided, @AllDayinVA

Actually, I do not think so. I do not think so based upon the very comments made by the POP_OS developers, outlined in their Roadmap for a possible in-house, D.E. I do not need to assume.
Just as I base my comments on where Gnome stands on the comments made by the Gnome developers over the years.
Including their desire to Leave the Gnu General Licence as they find it to be "too restrictive of their mission and goals."

As you said, work for free?
How do you protect Privacy and Security when your arguments are in favor of reducing user control, user customization and shifting toward less diversity?
Do you see the fallacy in the very clear trade-off, there?

That right there, is another reason why many people switch to Linux. Security is a big issue with Microsoft, Apple, and Google. All of them want to invade your privacy for ill gotten gains. Linux is not a corporational IP, so there is a lot of value there based on that.

FYI: It is wise to not go to battle with Aravisian in topics regarding Gnome. There have been multiple threads discussing Gnome already, and each and every one, those who went up against Aravisian trying to talk about how Gnome is the perfect DE in the land, lost the battle with him.