Gnome Boxes- No USB redirection on Flatpak

About 4 months ago I installed Zorin 16 OS Core, and it included gnome boxes in the distro. I set up a vm to run popOS, and had no problem redirecting my USB stick or sharing a folder from the host to guest. I've done all of the upgrades to the Zorin system, and am now at v 16.1 . I just noticed that I no longer have USB redirection support, getting a message that the Flatpak version of gnome boxes doesn't support it, and I also can't get to my shared folder on the host. Gnome boxes is now at v42.0.1-f41bf5c7. Not sure what happened, but something has dramatically changed. Any guidance or explanations?

I don't run Gnome Boxes (I'm running Oracle VM), but it aren't the first time flatpak or snap have difficult to see out of its bobble. I checked the permission of the flat package and it's marked with warning on some parameters.

Which may be cause of it. Alternative is to use the .deb version of Gnome Boxes to avoid the flaws of flat/snap packages.

Thanks, will give it a try.

Removing the Flatpack version and installing the system version did the trick. USB redirection works, and shared folders work (sort of, possibly a Fedora Beta problem). Did have to reinstall my guest of course.

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