I suppose Gnome wanted to be rid of Rythmbox.
Either way, Zorin OS 16 Core comes with Gnome music. For the first time, I decided to test it out.
Right away, the app crashed.
I tried again, this time it opened, but the UI really destroys any theme that is not Adwaita. Why oh why am I not surprised...

Moving forward, I selected Dion "Why must I be a teenager" and got it playing. Fine. But when I hit the Close Button... nothing happened. The button did not highlight. The music was still playing...
I employed xkill and killed the window.

The music was still playing.

I had to kill the PID to get it to stop.

I Hate Gnome. Gnome-software... Broken. Gnome-Music... Broken. Gnome Media Player (Totem) - Broken with a tab that contains features that Gnome says it ill never Add, but they left the tab for it.


Gnome, Gnome Gnome Gnome......Gnome, Gnome Gnome Gnome Gnnnnnnommmeeeeee.........

The story you are about to hear is true, the names have been changed to protect the innocent. The facts, will burry the victomiser.

Gnome. Curse you Gnome! :angry:


Strange, Rhythmbox is installed and the OP is the reason I checked because I use Pithos or Spotify normally. Born on date:

 sudo ls -alct /|tail -1|awk '{print $6, $7, $8}'
[sudo] password for david:              
Aug 18 21:09
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Rythembox is garbage in my experience, at least on Gnome it is. But you know what does work good? VLC. VLC is the only multi-media player that I use, cause it just works.

And usually, the only time VLC is not going to work, is if it requires a plugin, library, or codec that wasn't installed with VLC. That is an easy fix though, you just gotta go into your Synaptic Package Manager, type VLC in the search, and right click everything in there, mark for installation, and click APPLY.

Once all installed, VLC will work with many special operation files as I like to call them. Media files that require those extra plugins/libraries/codecs. VLC is where its at, I highly recommend it.

Just keep Rythembox in the box, and keep the Rythembox shut. :joy:


There plenty of alternatives, but I've not taken the time to test them because I mainly stream music for morning workouts. I use some CDs too with VLC on my laptop.


I use deadbeef or Audacious for Music. XPlayer for Videos.
I used to love VLC, but they have been slacking off lately.


I love your freshly BBQ'd deadbeef on the charcoal grill, its really quite audaciously delicious. No slacking off allowed when Aravisian is on the bridge. :joy:


I am experimenting with browsers.
I have tried Opera- nope.
I am currently testing Brave Browser and there are things I like and things I don't like.

While at it, I decided (heh) to test out Gnome-Browser (Epiphany).

You can guess how this went.
Talk about limited on options. Severely limited. Strictly Amatuer.
What really got me was, as I went through the preferences, you could sync to your Firefox to get saved passwords and bookmarks.
I signed in, entered the code... Synced. Showed me as logged in.
I hit the sync now button, just to be sure.

I rebooted.
Still nothing.
Shows me as signed in...

Nothing synced over.


Gnome-Web-Browser... BROKEN.

I am beginning to think Gnome is a social Experiment.


I don't like Gnome players, either, I use Lollypop and Celluliod for Musics and Movies


When it comes to browsers, I want Falkon but it seems google and sites that is based on chrome will not work now with it. Sad but that's life. So, for now, Brave is the only option. There are also like Vivaldi, but ram usage is the same as Brave. I don't know about Opera.

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Opera has playback problems with H264 codec on Linux . I want to like Vivaldi , but I just don't. I sill try it from time to time.


Don't get me started on Gnome :slightly_frowning_face:, however my preferred music player is Clementine although the other suggestions listed here are good as well.


I don't use VLC anymore - 1. got banned for querying a poor update, 2. it is bound to Pulse Audio.
In KDE I am using Kaffeine. Juk and Dragon Player don't do a thing - guess they are Pulse Audio dependent too. No issues with Kaffeine as I think it was one of the first players when ALSA was around. Plays videos and music without a glitch. Reminder: I am using KDE (Plasma) DE not Gnome or 'Default' Zorin DE.
Oh forgot to mention 'Audacious' that works great too!

Recently discovered Celluloid in Linux Mint 20.2 - great app.

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I am linking the package since if you do a netsearch on how to install celluloid, it links to a Bunch of Current up to date Tech articles that copy/paste bad instructions that do not work.

There is an older version available in the Software store...

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I use Clementine. A bit like the old Windows Media Player that I 1st became familiar with. Only flaw is you have to 'quit' out to stop it. But I like it.

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I stuck with VLC, I love the overamping possibility and that I can cut audio files with it and sometimes save Youtube videos or watch streams. For me the best experience so far. :slight_smile:
For music I started with Rythmbox, then Clementine, VLC too and Audicious, as it looked like Winamp. But in the last couple of years I only use Spotify and it's factory client.

Regarding browsers I'll stick with FF. I tried Brave and it's great but I need to have my browser synced on all platforms and sometimes I use my Pinebook Pro and there are not many browsers available on Linux ARM64 yet. Brave definitely isn't. :frowning:
For GFN I am bound to use Google Chrome and for Xcloud Edge for Linux. But that is that. :wink:

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First thing I did after installing Zorin16 was remove Rhythmbox completely. I had problems with it in Zorin15.3. Everytime I closed it, saw it still running in my systemmonitor, just could not kill it, that's why I choose to remove it completely. I do not like that because I wanna be on top/the boss of my pc, hahaha

Now I have 4 players to choose from VLC, Audacity, MPV and Moc player. Mocplayer is a command line app and easy to use and does not require much cpu usage. I also installed ffmpeg to go with so I can cut, paste, extract, adjust and work with video and music and image files from the command line.

As for browsers I don't no much about them I use what comes with Zorin16 - that's Firefox. I Installed 2 adblocks, one for FF and the other for those annoying adds from Youtube. But still I wonder why ZorinOS choose to use Firefox??


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I saw VLC is mostly all language and working on them always everything. Also using vlc and a spotify. It will be nice if some day will be working aimp but i heard a winamp will be back to alive. Foobar also heard good things but idk if anything from this will working what i know VLC working a great.