Gnome Network Display shows error when I'm trying connect to TV

Not connecting to Tv and audio is not working when I opened this app. How to solve this problem.

Can you please launch from terminal and relay any errors;


Bro it shows Command not found

Is it miracast?

It's not miracast bro


sudo apt install xdg-desktop-portal-dev

If it says already instaleld then:

sudo apt install --reinstall xdg-desktop-portal-dev

I also recommend against using the Flatpak for this as Flatpak can run sandboxed, isolating it from things it needs to communicate with. Isn't there a nice .deb you can settle down with?

Are you logging in on Wayland?

Yes bro, whether I need to change from Wayland bro.

Test by logging in on X-window system, instead.

Bro Whether I need to change from Wayland or not. But I cannot change due to my mouse is not working in sign in page how to solve it.

Wasn't there a terminal command to install input extras? I can't find it, but Aravisian will know I guess.

Input all:

sudo apt install xserver-xorg-input-all

I think. Going off of memory, here.

I'm thinking in gnome 41 these all issues will be fixed

There is no evidence to support such a belief.

Users said that about Gnome 3.30 and Gnome 3.38...

Wayland is not Ready for desktop use. Wayland sounds good in principle, but has spent over Ten years in development and has made little to no progress, yet.

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Thats what you think lol.

I hate to break it to ya, but Gnome since version 40 has broke more things that you can count, including theming. Gnome 41 is more then likely going to be even worse.

If there is one thing you can count on, is Gnome is gonna break it. If you want more freedom, its XFCE. I am doing OK on Gnome 3.38, but thats only because its not completely broken, and I can facilitate what features removed, by extensions.

But in Gnome 40, no more extensions, and no more theming for you, Gnome 41 will be more of the same. Say goodbye to the thought of Gnome fixing things, never gonna happen.

I have changed my Zorin Wayland to Zorin in lock screen. But the issue is in gnome network display

I understand, but please look at the error report in your terminal above.
The system had to fall back to X-11 (out of Wayland) just to prevent a crash.

Windowing System : X11

Yes, I am aware of that since:

Now that you are in X11, Please use the .deb package to install Network Displays, Not Flatpak.
Flatpack runs sandboxed:

Once done, please test if you are able to connect.