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hi, i want to connect my pc wirelessly to my tv so i used gnome network display but it show error my tv has intel display and the app shows my tv but nothing happen please help

Try the steps outlined here.... but it sounds like the functionality was broken by gnome. You may have to resort to tv manufacturer proprietary software or chrome cast.

thanks man ,but same error

Hi, I tried it on Kubuntu and it works, the difference is I can select a monitor to share with the application but in Zorin I can't
in Kubuntu shows p2p connection. please help I like Zorin.
in kubuntu:
Screenshot from 2023-02-11 15-34-18
in zorin no screen casting window:
Screenshot from 2023-02-11 15-49-18

Looks like you might have to wait for Zorin 17 based on last reply on this thread:

You may also need additional packages or codecs.
You might look into ensuring that xdg-desktop-portal-gnome is installed.

What is the output of

G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=all src/gnome-network-displays

it works thank you man :grin:.
the output of the command:

my tv :

my CPU is normal or because my i5 (3rd generation) is old ?

CPU usage looks like it is spiking high to me. I wouldn't call it abnormal or normal... But you might look at yoru running processes and see if anything is running or added to autoStartup that you do not need.
If this is a notebook computer, you might optimize it with TLP, NoHang and other optimization software.
OR consider using Zorin OS Lite for better CPU performance.
I only use Zorin OS Lite on machine (CPU: 11th Gen Intel i5-11600KF (12) @ 4.900GHz

thank you, and one more thing, this app has a lot of bugs sometimes it works and sometimes it's not.

You can submit a bugreport to the Gnome Development team that maintains that application. They are separate from ZorinGroup, so only they can address bugs within the application itself.

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you are right, I tested on ubuntu and Kubuntu (22.10) it works but for both versions 22.04 LTS it doesn't

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