Gnome Software Center (Zorin OS 16.2)

Dear Community I am Using Zorin OS from a couple of months with a long variety of applications but I am facing some issues in that a few applications have vanished from the gnome-software center.
An example like a Converter App for Linux which I installed before

but now it's not available on the store or I removed some updates or anything related
Please explains what the reason :thinking: :smiley: :smiley:

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To see it open Zorin Menu > enter the category where Converter is installed to > right-click Converter > click Show Details, now you should see it on Software Center, even if you don't see it on your Installed section.

I mean Converter App is not in the search catalog So you have no way to check the details in the software center

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Don't you see it nor on Settings > Applications > Converter > Open in Software Center (on title bar)?

Nope, see Yourself Here

this app is not avaliable: ->

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This issue is new for me, but maybe terminating or killing Software Center can fix, to do it open System Monitor > Processes > right-click gnome-software > Terminate, Kill as alternative. I hope that you didn't remove certain software folders manually because, by what I could see when I did some β€œcleanups”, software is stored on your PC like a cache and if you remove them Software Center has to be refreshed to load the software list again correctly.

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Having just read the article on omgubuntu ('Converter' is a Neat New Image Conversion Tool for Linux - OMG! Ubuntu!) it is on Flathub. If you have disabled flatpak (like me) that might be the reason why it is not showing in Software Centre!


I Really Don't think I disable flat-pak In fact I am more comfortable with flatpak but if I did how can I enable it?? or resolve this issue
As seen Flatpak is already running

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I looked on Synaptic Package Manager for Converter also and it isn't there but I did find Converseen which does the same thing and can be loaded from Synaptic or from the website using Appimage ..... Snap or Flatpak .....

Here is the website

Download for Linux - Converseen ....

Just a suggestion .....


Just tried it and it works fine for me once you get the hang of it ...... I'm gonna keep it but I already have all these features in my photo program called ..... XnView MP


Oh by the way I used Synaptic to install it on my system .....


I would try to uninstall then follow this guide:

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I use the Gnome DE, Zorin core... it seems to be in my search in " Software "

You may try changing the server on the software app, i use the Main server. ( Opps Aussie server)

Oppss my bad ,, i use an Australian server,,
You may try another server & see what happens,

If you get it to work you will see a tick in the bottom right, also under the " Installed " Tab,. like my example with " Jami " app.

sometime's a reboot my help also,


@Frog Converseen is a alternative solution, Nice Suggestion

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@Ocka From Where do I install gnome DE for Zorin OS PRO 16.2? & how can i solve it
and I have a converter app before when Zorin Recovery mode removed 155 packages maybe that remove something resembles too

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You could try:

sudo apt-get remove gnome-software-center

Reboot, then open terminal and enter:

sudo apt-get install gnome-software-centre

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Nothing Happen

The correct command is

sudo apt remove gnome-software
sudo apt install gnome-software
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yes i did the same but nothing happen also that app didn't appear

@Aravisian Brother I have a query that
the Converter app is an image conversion software

which I also install from the software center after changing the timeshift snapshot and removing packages from the bootloader Zorin os recovery mode as a recommendation.
Now at this time, that app didn't appear in the software search catalog and the converter app is based on GTK4/libadwaita
I am just curious why this is happening So please