Gnome themeing is slighty messed up

Hi, I am having some issues with GNOME themes.
I recently wanted totry out KDE plasma on Zorin, but when i switched back to the GNOME desktop, parts of my theme were messed up.
I tried multiple different themes, but none of them fixed the issue.
I also tried to reinstall gnome by running "sudo apt install --reinstall gnome" which did not help either.

This should help:

Also, please ensure that you have Synaptic Package Manager:

sudo apt install synaptic

Then launch Synaptic and use the search button on the top toolbar to search "KDE"
Right Click and Mark any KDE packages you do not recognize and know that you specifically need or want for complete removal. Repeat this for a search for "Plasma" - look for KDE Plasma packages and mark for complete removal.
Once you have marked all specific packages, click the apply button on the top toolbar.

When installing KDE on Zorin OS, I have noticed that APT is pretty awful about removing the left over KDE packages that are installed with the desktop - it only removes the Core Desktop Files.

Once all this is done, please open a terminal and run

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

then reboot.


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