Going from free to tier levels--How is it? -- Also realized that Zorin now has support for Alfa WUS0036ACH TWO antenna alfa cards

So for the last two years I've went from Ubuntu, To Garuda, PopOS, and after installing Zorin on an old dell laptop i was impressed. So now I have a top end Desktop PC looking to continue the upgrade how are the paid tiers and how do they compare?

This post may give you some info about Pro v other editions of ZorinOS.

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The Pro versions help maintain the developers, the Zorin Brothers, and help towards development of the next release. The pro versions contain a lot more apps, some of which you may not need. I did post details of what is included in Zorin 15 Pro awhile back so suspect will contain the same additional apps.

However this is an old thread. You can add some of the apps themselves but with the premium edition you know it will work out of the box.

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