Going nuts with Bluetooth audio problem

Hey folks
I'm kind of new to Linux, Zorin OS, and obviously in this forum, so it's nice to meet ya all.

I tried Zorin OS for the first time in his 16th edition, and I had Bluetooth audio problems with it. Audio just went on and off, but when reading here and installing Blueman-Manager, the problem went away. Now, I upgraded to Zorin 17, and I was so impressed. There were no audio problems at all upon installation, and the audio was crystal clear. That was short-lived because after the software update, everything went terribly wrong. Audio just keep cutting off, even Blueman-Manager doesn't work anymore, it shows the speakers as "connected" even when they are muted...

Don't know how to take it from here, Please advise

Is audio being routed through your motherboard or through your GPU?

What Radio drivers are you using?

sudo lshw -C network

Nice to meet You too and Welcome to the Forum!

Did You tried it with PulseAdio Control? If not, open the Terminal and type sudo apt install pavucontrol and after the Installation you should find it in the Multimedia Category in the Startmenu or in the App Grid.

Hi Aravisian, here are the results:

Hi Ponce-De-Leon and thanks for the meet&greet :smiley:

PulseAdio Control doesn't seem to work. Audio is still breaking.

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That's not good. Sorry. But @Aravisian is a clever Guy and I'm sure that he can give You good Advices.

So problems occurred after a software update.

Have you tried booting an older linux kernel. From the startup grub menu, select "Additional Options for Zorin". From there select the previous version of linux kernel generic that is listed. Boot that and test.


Yes, the Bluetooth audio problem started after the software update—not the last one that was about LibreOffice, the major one before it, the one that required a system reboot. I followed your advice, and everything is good. thanks.

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You could now wait and see if next kernel update fixes the problem or you could decide to keep using that older kernel. If you choose the latter, this Tutorial item may be of interest to you:

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