Good review of Zorin 17 against Mint here

Zorin wins again for Windows migrants.


With a new release and a new upgrader, we have been spending a lot of time reviewing what could be improved or what went wrong in some cases or how we can help users to smooth out the upgrade experience.

It really helps to see the positive side, too. :slight_smile:

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I like Zorin/Mint and not really ever sure which one I prefer. Sometimes I think I prefer Zorin and other times I prefer Mint. I think Zorin using the Cinnamon desktop with all Zorin tweaks and their superb software store would be Linux nirvana. If they would go all Debian - even better but Ubuntu is still a good base.


Myself and others have enjoyed using Cinnamon D.E. on Zorin OS for long periods of time.
Cinnamon works very smoothly on Zorin OS 15 and 16 without slowing down over time. I can attest to it being a good experience.
Mint apps may be usable on Zorin OS. I know the Mint team has some good ones. I Still use and prefer Nemo FM on Zorin OS.

Since Zorin OS Lite offers the full-featured desktop options and customizability I prefer, though, I have been sticking with Zorin OS Lite since installing Cinnamon to attain those features feels a bit redundant.

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This is an excellent video. Makes me glad I picked Zorin OS.

To be honest I wouldn't speak about that one is better that the other. They are a different.

What I really like on Mint is the Software Updater. That Thing is great! The Structure of the Overview from the Updates, the Settings and the embedded Posibility to install newer Kernels ... That is the best what I ever seen.

What I don't like is simply Cinnamon. But I don't like Cinnamon in general. I don't like the Menu Structures and the Design in common. When Mint would have a regular Gnome Version ... To be honest, I don't know if I would now use Zorin because of the great Software Updater.

Zorin with the Software Updater from Mint ... That would be great, hahaha!


As a Newbie I tried both Mint and Zorin. My preference landed on Zorin Lite on an old machine and 17 core on a VM on my windows 11 machine. The review said what I initially thought about Zorin overall, a lot more polished and easy to use and configure.

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You ought to give Apper a try. It is a KDE app, a lightweight Software channel that includes updating the system and appears much faster than anything else.


@swarfendor437 and winner for Mac OS migrants IMO :slight_smile: There really isn't anything close to Mac OS other than ZORIN.

Well if pearOS NiceC0re improves that might change! :wink:

I must sayed new Zorin 17 recognized my Monitor with 144Hz what another linux distributions recognized only 60Hz.
That is something good where developers doing great jobb.

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Similarly, PCLinuxOS is the first Distro running KDE to recognise Canon LiDE 600F flatbed scanner with Skanlite, and work even in Live Mode. No other distro has been capable of that.

Yes that is good subject comparison what you seeing good things on Zorin what another don't have.
It gived a people or customer more information.
The writing and talking is the best is like a employer told you we gived a good salary then if he asking about my skills I also answered they are good. :slight_smile:

couple years back i was on mint ,it was ok ,till it started giving me headaches .
began distro hopping and eventually settled on mxlinux.
then for some dumb reason went back to windows ...
but now i'm back on linux , tried zorin and loving it .
think i'll stay here , much better than mint , in my opinion ...

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I hope they grow up every next release.
I started with Zorin.
Always in my side in first time is something not working in Zorin but when I START digging deeper and starting discovering this distribution you can just staying longer with this distribution.