Google is trying to take advantage of the situation..... Meet Chrome OS Flex

Chrome OS can now be installed on any computer....I still think Linux is a better choice for users though.
Clearly, Google knows that many people are discontented with the high system requirements of Windows 11, so now they made Chrome OS available for every computer.


It really seems Windows forgot that their competition is growing. They felt too confident in their market share.
It is still very strong... But their rather over-confident tone may affect it more than the efforts of any competing Operating System does.


Isn't Chrome OS GNU/Linux+some proprietary stuff?


And configurations settings inaccessible.

Whenever an OS starts blocking or removing User Configuration, the alarms blare in my head. The motives are Clear.

I made the thumb drive. Very, very slow to boot and usually wouldn't run. Later found out it had put about 10 partitions on my thumb drive which would all load when I inserted it. Had to delete them all and them create a large partition again. This is really CloudReady. Couldn't get that to run either.

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I also did that with cloudready, still have it on the thumb drive. Never use it though.
But must say runs super smooth. No problems what so ever.

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Because you mentioned it, thought I'd try it again. Downloaded their latest version of cloudready installed it to a thumb drive (same drive as before, using balena etcher - worked good).

It all works pretty good and fast but I still wonder why someone would by a pc with this, I cant do the normal tasks, installing and/or filemanagement, which I'm used to with a normal OS. If its only for the internet, it would be a waist of your money because all of this can be done with a mobile phone these days... and on your phone the apps are easier to install or too handle.

(This all posted while using cloudready)

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