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Could you recommend a Graphical Archiver such as 7zip or Winrar? I'm fine using command line having used PKZip for Dos many years ago, but my wife thinks the terminal is something akin to HCF errors of old. Or maybe Voodoo in Latin. I'm trying to encourage her to make the Zorin switch, even if it's only a partial one, but she's viciously opposed to anything command line at the moment.

Zorin OS comes with Archive Manager already installed.

You can also install and use other flavors, including engrampa, Xarchiver and more.


Aravisian is correct, for years now, Zorin OS comes packaged with a built in Archive Manager APP, and still does to this day. Just another one of those things that makes life easier then Windows. :grinning:

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I should have realised that, I've used it. But I installed 7zip command and been happy with that. It's also for that reason I've told the wife that I need to find her a graphical version.

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