Great Resource for Wallpapers

Hi, Everyone, I am a new Zorin OS user and I stumbled on a website for dynamic wallpapers.

An article on Reddit helped me use Zamzar to convert the file and then use Dynamic Wallpaper Editor to make my own Wallpaper with a 5-hour interval.


Very interesting, I've used live wallpapers before (basically a short video playing on a loop) but never a dynamic wallpaper like this. I'll give this a try, thanks for sharing!

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Is this for MacOS only or can you use them in Linux too??

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But when I downloaded it, it doesn't have HEIC extension name.

Do you know why is this happening?? I just downloaded the file directly from the website - Dynamic Wallpaper Club

You can go ahead and rename it filename.heic. It did before the images will be intact.

You can convert them with Gimp or Krita in the OS, it just takes longer because you have to convert each picture.

Took me a 30 minutes to convert each of the 16 images with Gimp. New desktop and it changes.

Use them when converting to .heic?? Or is it from .heic into another format?? Because I just converted it to .heic by renaming it like you said.

Yes, the next step is to open heic in Gimp or Krita. Gimp because it will display all images, and you have to select one by one and export. If you double-click it, and you have the core version, it will open up with a window selector containing all the images name them as filename1.png. PNG format.

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Export them as what format?? I'm so sorry to bother you bcs this is my first time to make a dynamic wallpaper.

filename1.png. PNG format. Do this for all images when done put them in a folder

In Dynamic wallpaper load from folder not file.

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Okay, thank you so much.

You are welcome. It's my first time as well.

FYI, If interested, there is some more about Dynamic Wallpapers here [HOW TO] Create your own Dynamic Wallpaper on ZorinOS 16

Another good resource:

There's an app in the software store called Fondo. It is basically a searchable HD wallpaper repository for unsplash and it auto applies them