Grouping favorites on menu bar like android does

It would be pretty awesome if you could drag favourites on the zorin bottom toolbar, onto eachother to create a folder like they do on android, and a 2 sec delayed hover over the folder opens a small pop up window with the apps in that folder. Could be an option for Zorin Pro only users, advertise it on the zorin pro page with some flashy animated pictures, as well as a side by side comparison showing it's a feature that other versions don't have and it should drive up sales some.

Then if I have for example 3 package managers, and 5 social media clients I could just group them into a folder, hover and select the one I want :smiley:

I believe there was a topic about this sometime ago.
Perhaps u mean this.

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Hummmmm .... wonder if that will work on Cinnamon ????

I think what are saying is that, you want to add GNOME app-grid like "folders" or "groups" in the taskbar?? If I am correct, then that seems like a very good idea, but it isn't possible (yet).

Yes. Mate has it, too - called the App Drawer. On Cinnamon, you can add multiple launchers under one launcher on the panel. There is also this:

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