Grub install failed Zorin OS 16

Okay am trying this now.. removed the wifi cable. Lets see :')

and ....

Well its still installing

and ....

Why this so long take installing :frowning: me watching some ytb mean while :confused:

And the moment of truth ..

Grub-install failed. Sad moment :((

Have you tried booting into the LiveUSB, then running Grub Repair on the disk you installed Zorin to?


Did you customize your drives/partitions in the installation process?
Or did you leave as default/pre-selected and just clicked next?

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Thank you i actually found a video explaining it (uninstall grub and reinstalling from command line) and it worked great. Been rocking Zorin for 3 days now :slight_smile:

Thanks for trying to help. The other comment answered my problem.

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