Grub installation crash

I am installing Zorin Lite on an Acer ES 1533 laptop, and I have a problem with GRUB, as upon installation the computer freezes completely and I have to reboot

Im not triying Dual Boot

Is this dual boot with Windows?

In the post I specified that I am not using Dual Boot :sweat_smile:

Similar question was asked recently. The solution was to turn off the secure boot.


I missed that... Moving too fast, sometimes.

If Secure Boot is disabled (FrenchPresses suggestion above)
Please try Grub Repair (Ignore any Dual Boot Instructions):

But Grub repair only works only after installation completed. It looks like OP's machine got frozen BEFOR finishing installation.

The downside of the browser blocking screenshots. I was going by the wording.

Are you using Firefox?
I have ublock Origin and Ghostery installed and never have this issue.

-sigh- No... was trying to get IceCat configured... since Taha recommended it, I keep trying to give it a chance.

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Already but the names of the files are the same? Since there it says /mnt/ubuntu, in Zorin what is it?

You really should try Pi-hole - it will block exactly what you need to block nothing else.
In fact, I am thinking of writing a tutorial for how to implement it in a home network in addition to haw to install Volumio for non-spying smart speakers.

Could describe it more clearly?
Are you in a Grub Repair?
Any chance for the picture taken by your mobile phone maybe?

What I mean is that the solution is made for Ubuntu files, so I want to know how they would be in Zorin.

Best thing is to make a bootable Grub Repair USB key.
I always have one around for this kind of emergency.
If you have an access to Windows machine, I recommend using Rufus to make one.

And could you tell me if you completed the installation of Zorin till the end? Or did it hang in the halfway?

The installation does not finish since it crashes when installing grub, and when using Grub Repair it happens the same

Secure boot and fast boot is disabled in BIOS?
Do you know if the storage is SSD/HDD or eMMC?

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Yes, Both are disabled and it is a hdd

I double-checked; and the procedure of if installer crashes during grub install is to let it crash, then boot into the Live Zorin USB again and perform grub repair.

If it is still crashing:

Did this Machine used to have Windows that you are replacing?

Did you boot a UEFI mode USB - But the BIOS was set to Legacy?

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I am replacing Mxlinux (I remove it due to performance issues), and it is in UEFI, since it does not let me change it in any way.

Sorry if I did not say it but in Mxlinux I had also had this problem, but the solution I used there, seems not to work in Zorin

I did not think about this incompatibility between installer and BIOS. Good point!