Has anyone seen this before?

There is a thing like a few orange like colored concentric semicircles appearing on the bottom middle part of my screen sometimes. The first time I saw it was like 15 days ago, I think. It appeared for like 1-2 seconds and then it disappeared. I didn't get time to take a screen shot, I was thinking about what it was. Then it appeared today. It lasted less than 1 second. Again, I couldn't take a screenshot. So here is drawing of it.


It looked like this and the white area in the black rectangle represents my screen. Does anyone know what it is?

The reason I am not making this topic in General help is because, it does not do anything to my laptop. It just appears for a short time and then it disappears.

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I have never seen any such thing.

But the drawing is awesome.


Well, this is extremely strange isn't it? I tell you what, I would not be too pleased to see things flashing on my screen that shouldn't be flashing on my screen.

Run anti virus scan with ClamTK. Do a SMART check on your drives. I just have 0-experience as to what this is or how to solve it.

Never seen or heard anything like it, sorry.

Not seen anything like it myself.
Maybe take a note of the time when it occurs, then have a look in your logs around that event time.

Maybe zorins wallpaper works a bit to good. It's the sun rising :sweat_smile:

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That's exactly
what I thought when I first saw it.

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macro malware?

It is a great drawing. Did you use GIMP?

Nope, I used libre office draw. But I use GIMP sometimes and was using it just right now to do a little experiment with the background images in panel.


It seems you did a splendid drawing work, people are distracted from your issue :wink:


Thank U Reaction GIF by Mauro Gatti


I needed this cheering up. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Is this maybe a function to find the mouse cursor?

Nope that was grey in color, I believe.

Do you mean the equivalent of "jack in the box" mouse click speed test (ex Windows)?

I ran the scan, but nothing was found.

Is it a notebook computer or tower with ext. monitor?


I might suspect hardware issue on the screen connection.