Has Zorin OS Lite been discontinued?

Zorin OS 16.3 lite no longer appears in the download options, only Zorin OS 17.1. Even though it says that there will be Zorin OS 17.1 lite in the Zorin upgrader, does this absence of Zorin Lite on the website indicate that it will be discontinued?

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The main download page is typically reserved for the latest version of ZorinOS which currently is version 17. However, ZorinOS 17 Lite has not yet been released (although they probably will soon).

If you go to the downloads page and scroll down you will see a link to official download mirrors. Pick any mirror from there and you will find all the ISOs for the different version of ZorinOS, including 16.3 Lite. Despite it saying "official", make sure to always check the integrity of the ISO.


I got it, thanks.

Just saw that myself. Was surprised. Has to be a logical reason.

True, actually 17.1. However, the latest of Lite is 16.3, so it just makes one wonder. In this case aloud. Maybe a change is in the works....

(To be clear, not speculating they are getting rid of Lite or anything of the like.
More so an eager anticipation of the Lite 17 release. Heck, it's not like I stumbled across it by accident. No, was secretly wishing 17 was done, so I looked. And will again soon...lol)

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Because of the very long delay in Zorin Lite being released, I have wondered if some major change was being planned. I see from "Upgrade Zorin OS" (in my start menu): Available upgrades
Zorin OS 17.1 Pro Lite Coming soon
I have always kept in touch with other XFCE distros, but none can compare with Zorin overall, for stability and style.

There are no current plans to discontinue Zorin OS Lite.

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The current situation be like:

Zorin Lite


Since there were many issues with core/education, the Zorin's are ensuring a smoother experience for lite users. They will not want to repeat the issues with lite.

Since core was out, and had so many issues, it makes sense that they repair what exists before introducing something that may be just as much a headache.

Continue to watch the blog for news on lite and its release.


I agree, it makes sense there's more focus on Core simply because it's underlying technology moves at a faster pace than it's Lite counterpart, and has seen significant changes between the releases of ZorinOS 16 and 17.

We are all anticipating Z17.# Lite to be released soon. But it is a bit worrying that ZorinOS "System Requirements" page no longer mentions Lite, just Core, Education and Pro. I am assuming that is because 17.# Lite is not yet out.

It is more likely that the page required updating, since it hasn't changed much for the last two OSs.

They have even said that the current offerings (this was back when we were waiting on 17) will remain, but they are not exploring other DEs at the time. This means that XFCE version will be released, is only a matter of time.

It's a little disconcerting that the lack of visual existence would modify your perception to consider this. The world doesn't go away when you close your eyes... neither does Zorin Lite because the system requirement page is removed.

We will hear more about the lite version shortly.


No. I saw a package saying 17-lite

I hope you're right, because I also noticed that they even changed the part of the blog that talks about reviving old PCs from up to 15 years ago. Posted the desktop image of Zorin OS 17.1 Core.

This is very confusing



There has been no discussion of discontinuing Lite or Education and the Zorin OS 17 Lite packages have been regularly appearing built in the Zorin Repositories.

The ZorinGroup does not make radical changes to Zorin OS without making announcements.

While the webpage may have been modified to be more inclusive, this does not necessitate making assumptions or jumping to conclusions rather than relying on the Zorin Announcements. It is more logical to adhere to the ZorinGroups communication on the issue than to try to read between the lines in a paragraph.


Okay, thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.

I was also confused about the continuity of the Lite with XFCE.
Waiting for the Lite version to be released soon, but I can't recommend Zorin to new users who need a lightweight version of the OS.

You mean all type disttriburion Zorin or all types like Core,Education and Lite will be soon.

I love how they had added little hints about about other editions during the first release of Z16-Core. But this time there was no mention of Lite in the Z17 blogs. The only place we are getting any hints about Lite is in the Upgrader tool.

And previously the releases were in order: Core > Lite > Education

Don't know what problem is going with the Lite. Hopefully we get any news about it soon.