Has Zorin OS Lite been discontinued?

Here is confirmation that Zorin OS Lite is NOT discountinued:

Speaking of its system requirements, though, one thing that's not included for now is the Zorin OS Lite edition, with an identical-looking but less-demanding desktop environment. We asked if that had been dropped, and CEO Artyom Zorin told us:

We'll be launching the Zorin OS 17.1 Lite edition (which uses XFCE) in the near future, but we don't have an exact release date set yet.

Credit to VictorGeorgianDragan who posted the article link regarding a different question here: Question about next update!


How long will T-support for, the core of 16.3 be for, before the core is to be no more? (Starting to ask a question and it all rhymed, so, I just carried it on lol)

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The EOL is April of 2025. Security patches can proceed to 2028. The forum will continue providing available tech support indefinitely; users have even recently posted while using Zorin OS 9.
So, now you know, while channeling Poe, the software patches be finite but the tech support will be ever more.


Good to see you again ol' friend. Hope you're doing well. Another question I have for thine leader. I've recently acquired what is called, "The WOW! Computer for Seniors", which is a $1,200 computer specifically designed to rip off seniors. Fresh from their website, it has the specs of an HP Stream laptop with 2GB of RAM and a 32GB Flash ROM. From other websites I've learned it has MSI's click BIOS and runs on something called Tiny Core OS. Never heard of Tiny Core Linux, but, then again, not much suprises me anymore lol.

The problem with the computer, other than being an overpriced P.o.S., is that it's permanently locked and will only be unlocked if I pay $9.95 per month to their tech support. Hence, I'm sticking my middle finger in their faces and installing Zorin on it.

(Seriously, after charging someone over a thousand dollars to pay for it, they then charge them an additional ten bucks a month for the ability to continuously use it. As soon as they stop paying the monthly cost, they remotely lock the computer. They even installed a failsafe that causes the computer to lock permanently if it's not connected to the internet for a certain period of time.)

Anyway, the computer itself is an all-in-one and features, surprisingly, a very responsive and accurate touchscreen, and I wanted to know whether or not Zorin Core or Lite would be compatible with this specific computer? Or any touch screen computer for that matter.

Basically, what I'm doing is turning this piece of junk into a useable comptuer. Upgrading the RAM to 32GB, ripping the SSD out and replacing it with a 1TB Drive, and then upgrading the processor. Then I'm installing Windows on it so I can update the BIOS. Then from there Windows goes in the trash can and is replaced with Zorin.

Thank you for your time Aravisian, as I place my praying hands together and bow in respect of your timeless wisdom.

Zorin OS generally is compatible with touchscreen computers.
Whether it is compatible with that that specific computer is hard to say. You mention that they made modifications and alterations and while I would likely believe that they are all software side; I cannot be sure of that.
TPM can be altered in a way to lock down the computer if it fails to communicate with a server check-in.

It sounds like your best bet is to go ahead and try.

The name itself is suggestively demeaning.

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Much appreciated my friend. I'll give it a go and let you know the results. If successful, I may have to post step-by-step instructions on a public forum if someone else encounters a similar situation.

Demeaning indeed, the name is. As Yoda would put it. Have a good rest of your week.

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Edgar Alan Poe, then Yoda... I wonder who our next thread visitor will be?

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By the way, how long should Zorin Lite be called Lite? I think the reason some people install Gnome on Lite is because the name is misleading.

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all the distros which use xfce not name the distro with lite. But zorin has features which enable the distro to be suitable for old pc, and that the important thing.
to get lite distro, u mean u must use distro that use for one purpose may be for browser internet only for example, and that will not be enough, because all modern sites use high CPU and ram, and to avoid that u will use browser not supported to the most of websites, or get problems in it.
the distro that i used, and feel it's very lite it is puppy-os.

The main reason i installed gnome was due to scaling issues with xfce.

Although, i still dont know what i am doing, Im only a week into the Linux world and still struggling :slight_smile:

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Long story short, the installation of Zorin OS went smoothly. Just had to switch from Legacy to UEFI and change the boot order and I was good to go from there. The long story part is the interesting conversation I had with technical support about unlocking the computer from the previous owner. But that's irrelevent to this forum. But the computer is running just fine. It'll run better once I rip it open and upgrade the hardware. Thanks again.

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Maybe they should call it Zorin 'X'... Being it's XFCE. As well as something else called that, that seems pretty popular.

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Elon Musk might try to buy it off the Zorin Group.


I agree that Zorin OS could use a little rebranding to avoid confusion. Lite, Core and Pro makes it very easy to assume a certain hierarchy in terms of what each version has to offer.

Perhaps Lite should be renamed to something that implies a higher degree of customization since it's more flexible than Gnome in that regard. This can make it appealing to a lot of people, and the description can clarify that will work on older systems given how you can make it as lightweight as needed.


Or at least supply them with a team of coders so they have some time to enjoy life, and at the same time watch their ideas flourish.. However, if you want something done right...lol

zorin lite 16.3 is very good, if they upgrade to xfce 4.18 no need to zorin lite 17

I was in your shoes back in 2016. Except my first attempt with Linux was Pure OS, arguably the worst distro in existence. Should be called Pure BS. It was an absolute nightmare dealing with that piece of junk...lol. It'll get easier as you go along. Once you do it a couple of times, you'll be more comfortable with it.

Just out of curiosity, is Zorin's Windows App Support app a closed source application because I'd like to install it on my laptop running Ubuntu, but I can't seem to find their app anywhere, not even on Github. A link or command line to install it would be great. Thanks in advance my friend.

Zorin Windows App Support is fully open source and is the Zorin packaged Wine compatibility layer.
On Ubuntu, you can either add the Zorin Repository to install Zorin Windows App Support or install whichever version of Wine you prefer.

I would recommend installing Wine.

If you install the Zorin Repo, then you would need to remove it again once you install your application. Zorin OS uses higher version packages than its base of Ubuntu, including Gnome. With the Zorin repo added, when you next run system upgrades, it could create conflicts.

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Here is the download link for Zorin 7.1 Lite: