Has Zorin OS Lite been discontinued?

Just out of curiosity, is Zorin's Windows App Support app a closed source application because I'd like to install it on my laptop running Ubuntu, but I can't seem to find their app anywhere, not even on Github. A link or command line to install it would be great. Thanks in advance my friend.

Zorin Windows App Support is fully open source and is the Zorin packaged Wine compatibility layer.
On Ubuntu, you can either add the Zorin Repository to install Zorin Windows App Support or install whichever version of Wine you prefer.

I would recommend installing Wine.

If you install the Zorin Repo, then you would need to remove it again once you install your application. Zorin OS uses higher version packages than its base of Ubuntu, including Gnome. With the Zorin repo added, when you next run system upgrades, it could create conflicts.

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