Having a particular issue with Foxit Reader on Manjaro made me look into Zorin

I won't go into my full history with Linux as it's a bit long. I'm currently using Manjaro because it simpler than Arch.

Recently I ran into an issue with installing Foxit Reader on Manjaro. The package for Foxit Reader in AUR is simply outdated. Can't blame anybody, Foxit decided to discontinue support for Linux. I wasn't able to download it from the official website.

My question to you guys. Is Zorin OS uses synaptic manager like Ubuntu? What is your experience with Zorin OS package manager?

In particular, are you able to install Foxit Reader from Zorin repositories?

In general, I've looked into reviews about Zorin OS and what I've seen appealed to me, at least in a visual sense. I've also looked into Zorin performance which is also speedy enough.

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Synaptic isn't preinstalled but You can install it easily with the Terminal Command sudo apt install synaptic

Instead of Synaptic You can use the Terminal directly with APT, too. If You shouldn't like the APT Interface, maybe Nala could be something. This is a graphical Frontend for APT and delivers a more structural Overview. You use the same Command but instead of apt You type nala. Some Examples:

sudo apt install => sudo nala install
apt search => nala search
sudo apt update => sudo nala update

And You can use the Gnome Software Center to install Software. Usable on Zorin are .deb, Snap, Flatpak and AppImage.

I didn't found that in the Gnome Software Center or in the Terminal or in Synaptic. Here a Picture from Synaptic:

I searched for foxit and foxit-reader but nothing.

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If you are looking for a pdf reader you cannot beat the functionality of Okular, it is by far the best pdf utility out there.


I just tested Okular, and i am surprised by how well it works (and is free)! Thank you.

the default pdf document viewer in zorin (evince) is very good.
also the ms-edge browser is the best in that too.

As a standard pdf reader Evince is OK, but certainly not as versatile as Okular which can even display presentations and has a presentation slide tools (appearance/slide numbering). Whilst ms-edge browser might appear nice, underneath it is likely to be data-scraping and potentially selling your browser habits to its 801 partners like it does with Outlook.

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using the browser as pdf ,is not mean that it's online pdf, u can use it without internet (offline).

for evince ,i think it has the most used tools which we needs for reading or taking note in pdf, i like it because it has night-mode

You can change the appearance of Okular to your liking using Accessibility options:

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